Buy a Forklift

Making the Commitment

To buy most kinds of specialised industrial machines in South Africa is a serious commitment due to the amount of money you would need to spend. An industrial forklift will cost the average Joe much more than they can afford, which leads to asking the bank for the money upfront. In the industrial sector, the application and functionality of a forklift is so varied, one can argue that one cannot run any type of industry without a fleet of these incredible machines. This is where Toyota Forklift can be the provider you are looking for.

Whether you have the funds, or need to ask the bank for the money, Toyota Forklift will offer you various payment options to ensure that you can afford to buy a forklift with us. We also offer options like forklift hire, and can provide an effective management system to assist you in daily operations. We offer a wide variety of forklifts for sale, including our own range of Toyota forklifts that are ideal for warehouse operations and materials handling.

Buy a Toyota Diesel Forklift

Since the electricity supply in South Africa is, at times, still erratic, we cannot always depend on electric vehicles in daily operations, although certain industrial areas already cater for them, including forklifts. Should you want to buy a forklift that runs on internal combustion engines, our range of diesel forklifts are ideal. With various models to choose from, you will soon be on your way to buy the perfect diesel-powered forklift for your business.

The Toyota Tonero Series offers a selection of forklifts that ranges between 1,1 and 1,9 m in total width, making them ideal for operation in corridors and confined spaces. These models have turning circles similar to their width, making them easy to operate. Overhead guard heights range between 2,1 and 2,3 m, with various cabins available for various weather conditions.

Buy a Toyota Electronic Forklift

Should you be in a position where electrically powered forklifts are ideal for your industry, a viable option would be to buy an electric forklift to ensure that the cost advantages of these machines work in your favour. At Toyota Forklift, we have more than just a couple of options, and can offer three variants to choose from when looking for a model that will works for you and your business.

The 8FBRE Series is a series of small electronic forklifts with load capacities of between 1,2 and 1,6 t. For a beefier option, our 3-wheeled electric series can handle loads of between 1 and 2 t, with more stability through a wider body. If you want to go even bigger, we offer the 4-wheeled 8 Series as well. These machines are very stable, strong, and reliable, and buying a forklift from this series might be just the ticket for your business.

For more information on all available forklifts you can buy from Toyota Forklift, feel free to browse our website for various brands and models. To buy a forklift has never been this easy, and we offer other solutions for managing and maintaining a forklift fleet as well. Choose Toyota Forklift today, and we will take care of all your forklift needs.

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