Dump Truck

Dumping a Big Load

When it comes to transporting loose materials for construction, sometimes you need something more than just a forklift to get the job done. This is where a dump truck can be of service. Offering a much bigger loading bed, these tippers can move large quantities of loose building materials at a time, and can be quickly filled up with the use of proper forklifts.

The Functionality of a Dump Truck

Also known as dumpers or tippers, these trucks are typically used to transport sand, gravel, and demolition waste to and from construction sites. Equipped with an open-box bed that hinges at the rear end, tippers use hydraulic arms to lift the front of the bed in the air – allowing the loose materials to run down the bed and out the letterbox at the rear, dumping the load on the designated area on the ground. The concept is very simplistic, but also very effective.

Usually, bigger machinery is required to properly fill a dump truck, but with the technological advancements of today’s versatile range of forklifts, you can easily fill one with a forklift that has a high enough tipping reach. With access to the bed from the side of the dump truck, such a forklift can make easy work filling up a tipper, saving you time and money in the process.

The History behind the Dump Truck

In 1896, Thornycroft developed a steam-powered dust cart with a tipping mechanism and this dust cart was used on farms in Western Europe. About 20 years later, the first motorised versions were made in the United States, with companies like The Fruehauf Trailer Corporation and Galion Buggy Co. producing the first prototypes. A little while later, a company called Wood Hoist introduced hydraulic bed arms to enable the bed to be tipped towards the rear, allowing for materials to be deposited on the ground.

Throughout the Great War, these companies flourished due to the high demands for tippers during that time. Augustus Fruehauf secured military contracts for his semi-trailer – a tipper he invented back in 1914 – and created a partner vehicle for his trailer, called the semi-truck. In combination, this was a huge success, and these tippers were used extensively through the Great War. When the war was finally over, the American companies started using Ford’s AA and BB heavy-duty chassis to convert them into fully functional dump trucks. The rest is history.

Many construction vehicle fleets consist of different kinds of vehicles to ensure that they have the right tools for the job, and this is where synergy comes into play. Using a forklift to fill up the bed of a tipper sounds like an unconventional method, but can prove to be much more accurate and cost-effective at the end of the day.

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