Forklifts for Sale in South Africa

Perfect Articulation

Should you have a look at all the forklifts that are for sale in South Africa, you are highly likely to run into the typical skidsteer models that are limited in size and only has one function – lifting and lowering the front fork. Although these models are very basic, they still serve a unique function in the industrial sector. So, what would happen if you improve the functionality of these little machines?

Flexi is such a manufacturer that has decided that the simplistic approach is not good enough. Instead of creating a regular skidsteer with a fixed mechanism at the front, they took it a step further. Flexi built a forklift that has wheels underneath the fork to enable the mechanism to steer and give it radial access. They call their creation the articulated forklift, and you can find them for sale in South Africa. Let us have a look at some of the available models from Toyota Forklift.

The Flex HiMAX

This model brought Flexi’s articulated concept to millions, delivering a machine that is engineered specifically for narrow aisle operations. The maximum lift height matches the demands of the logistics industry, giving you the ideal package for optimal functionality. This model is available in three chassis options to suit your specific needs, and can also be ordered with special rear tyres for a higher load rating and more stability. This is one of the most unique forklifts for sale in South Africa.

Looking at its specifications, we see a rated capacity of 1700 kg, which is impressive already. It has a side shift of up to 5 m and its maximum achievable lifting height is a whopping 13 m into the air – giving you more than enough clearance to play with.

The Flex AC 1000 and 1200

Designed to provide the maximum level of storage density, these models can operate in aisles as narrow as 1,6 m with ease. Low-bay warehouses are perfect for the AC 1000 and 1200, as they provide an economical and cost-effective solution for storage facilities that do not require high lifting capabilities, but can benefit from an articulated forklift. With the design of these models focussing on driver safety and handling efficiency, their popularity and overall versatility make them some of the most complete articulated forklifts for sale in South Africa.

Turning over to their specifications, we start off with the AC 1000. Featuring a rated capacity of 1700 kg, we see an industry-standard machine that can lift its load up to 8,5 m in the air. A maximum side shift of 3,3 m is shared with the AC 1200, which can be seen as a bulkier version to the AC 1000. Rated capacity increases to 2000 kg, reaching a maximum lift height of 11 m.

If you are in the market for the best forklifts for sale in South Africa, Toyota Forklift is the place for you. We offer different makes and models to suit all your forklift needs, and can assure you that we only have quality machines for sale. Choose Toyota Forklift today for the best forklift solutions in South Africa.