JCB South Africa

JCB for the Win

When we talk about skidsteer loaders and forklifts, JCB is one of the biggest manufacturer names that comes to mind, and if you are wondering why that is, you are about to find out. Toyota Forklift provides South Africa with JCB skidsteer loaders, should you be interested in buying some for your company. Apart from the versatility and cost-effective functionality, these skidsteers do so much more for the people operating them daily.

The World’s Safest Skidsteer

One of the most important factors in the industrial sector in South Africa has always been safety, and this is where JCB skidsteer loaders shine. With some of the world’s first skidsteers to have side doors for entry, it vastly reduces the risk of injury, because the operator is not forced to climb over the attachments to get into the loader, they are provided with easy side access instead.

The newer models from JCB offer an unrivalled 270 degrees of visibility, which is a stunning 60% better than most regular skidsteers. So, besides the fact that the operator does not have to force their way through the front window to gain access to the cockpit, once they are in position, they can enjoy safe and unhindered visibility without having to make educated guesses behind the wheel.

With JCB’s unique PowerBoom design, operator safety and comfort are paramount, and it promotes overall safety, productivity, and reliability, even in the most extreme working conditions and environments, making it perfect for South Africa’s harsh environment. The cab design also focusses on driver comfort, with a lot of space combined with advanced noise reduction for a quieter experience.

Built for Performance

We all know how tough the competition in the industrial sector in South Africa is, and JCB loaders repeatedly come out tops. The PowerBoom contains up to 20% more steel when compared to the two arms on a regular skidsteer, providing more overall strength and durability. With the vertical lift design, you can easily load a dump truck from the side with maximum lift capacity at maximum height, delivering stability and accessibility like never before in a skidsteer.

Radial lift on the PowerBoom provides an improved digging geometry, granting you more reach at the midpoint of the lifting cycle. This feature is preferred in applications that do not necessarily require reach at full lift height. At the heart of JCB skidsteers we find a power plant that is designed for the construction equipment industry – making this skid steer a perfect addition to your fleet. This turbocharged diesel engine provides excellent power at low rpm, which in turn reduces fuel consumption and overall exhaust emissions while supplying a solid torque band to take care of the job at hand.

If you are interested in buying a JCB skidsteer in South Africa, look no further than Toyota Forklift. We offer a wide range of JCB models, and can also be of assistance with other brands. Feel free to browse our website for detailed information and documentation on all our available models, and let us take care of all your forklift needs today.