Konecranes Reach Stacker

Beastly Power 

Container handling have always been a big part of the import and export business worldwide, as these containers are too heavy for modern air transport and travel by ship instead. Once these ships arrive at the docks, they need to be unloaded and the containers must be sorted and stacked in order. Usually, an overhead crane oversees the moving of these containers, but are limited to linear line movement, and this is where Konecranes offer a solution.

With a Konecranes reach stacker, you can pick up and transport containers with ease, no matter where you need to drop them, and without the limitations of a regular overhead crane standing in the way of progress. These machines also work very well in collaboration with overhead cranes, and do not wholly replace them, but rather serve as a cost-effective alternative to container handling. Let us have a closer look at these incredible machines.

The Konecranes Reach Stacker Range 

The models in this range are designed for everyday container handling, and are much more effective than many competing reach stackers, as they have very impressive lifting capacities. Fitted with a welded box-type lift boom consisting of a 4-plate box section that grants excellent bending resistance and torsional stiffness, you can expect precise and predictive operating behaviour while using these reach stackers. Durable, modern lifting spreaders are attached to the lift boom, affording you the ability to lift and slight rotate the containers.

The Konecranes reach stackers also feature smart load-sensing hydraulics that can sense the load and adapt the lifting power to the weight accordingly. Maximum power will only be provided by the lifting system when it is truly needed, delivering cost-effective functionality while in operation. A certified low-emission engine provides high torque at low revs to conserve fuel and maximise output.

The combination of a strong, wide drive axle and a long wheelbase results in excellent stability for these reach stackers, making for a safe and stable vehicle when lifting and transporting heavy containers. The counterweighted design provides excellent front and rear visibility as well, ensuring that safety is one of the top priorities when it comes to the unique design of these Konecranes machines. With a heavy-duty box-type chassis as a stable base, you can put your mind at ease and let the reach stacker get on with its daily tasks.

These Konecranes machines weigh in at about 65 t, making them very heavy, but very effective when it comes to counterweight lifting. The result is a reach stacker that can lift 45 t without any problems, making container handling a little more simplistic and giving you the power to transport containers without the limitations of a linear overhead crane.

At Toyota Forklift, we strive to provide industrial machinery solutions that will not only meet your material handling needs, but also boost your business to the next level. Feel free to browse our website for documentation and images on our available machinery, and contact us if you need more details. Choose Toyota Forklift today, and let us lift you past your competition.

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