Overhead Crane

Pure Lifting Power 

The industrial sector is a demanding area that pushes the known limits of engineering to a place where adaptation and compromise are not enough. As a result, unconventional machinery has always been a part of the industry, with abnormally sized trucks and awkwardly shaped forklifts serving the needs of certain areas of the industry. One of the manufacturers that meets the demand for these abnormal vehicles is Konecranes.

Known for their distinctly styled machines that are specifically designed for container handling, they offer machines that have the same functionality as an overhead crane. Although these machines fit perfectly within their working environment, they still look a bit awkward in comparison to regular industrial machinery, but will certainly overpower and outperform any rival with regards to container handling. In the end, if you need machines that can handle working the containers on the docks, you do not need to look further than Konecranes.

The Mobile Overhead Crane 

Konecranes provides a selection of reach stackers and forklifts that can be described as mobile overhead cranes in their operation and functionality. We are going to set the forklifts aside and focus on the reach stackers for now, with the simplistic purpose of container handling. Usually, an overhead crane picks up a container and move it in a straight line to a designated drop zone where another container handler can pick it up and transport it to a designated stack.

The reach stackers from Konecranes can pick up containers, one at a time, and transport them wherever they need to go without the limits of linear movement of a static overhead crane. Should you be using one of these reach stackers, you can always use the regular overhead crane in conjunction with your Konecranes machine to cut down on time and be more cost-effective throughout the day.

Looking at the specifications, we see a selection of models in this range, capable of handling loads between 10 and 45 t, with various wheelbases available as well, ranging from 5 to 9 m. Considering the sheer power it takes to lift 45 t into the air and transport it without tipping over, these machines are truly incredible and serve as a testament to Konecranes’ build quality.

The combination of an electronically controlled Volvo engine and Dana transmission keeps these 65-t monsters going through the day and working hard for you in their natural habitat. Container handling has never been this easy before, and the time is here for you to add one of these workhorses to your fleet. Should you be in the business of container handling, these machines are highly recommended, as they are guaranteed to increase productivity by saving time in the work environment and delivering reliable machinery capable of lifting just about anything.

At Toyota Forklift, we can provide you with the best machinery Konecranes has on offer, as well as other industrial machinery solutions. For more information, browse our website to find images and documentation on all the brands and ranges we can deliver for your business. If you have further enquiries, feel free to contact us directly, and let us take care of all your industrial machinery needs today.