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Walk Behind

B70 – Area coverage up to 3 200 m² cleaned/hour

The optimal machines for the economic wet cleaning of medium and large-sized hard floor indoor areas. Excellent view, incredible manoeuvrability, simple operation. Optimum vacuuming up of the cleaning solution even on difficult floors thanks to the  innovative squeegee geometry. Available with either disk brushes for smooth floors or cylindrical brushes with integrated course dirt collection for use on structured floors. In addition, the solution and recovery tanks of the Scrubmaster B70 are provided with the Hako-AntiBac® feature which considerably reduces bacterial and fungal growth in the tanks.

Model Volumes clean/dirty water tank View PDF
B70 72/74L

B45 – Area coverage up to 2 900 m² cleaned/hour

The Scrubmaster B45 scrubber-driers are highly convincing new developments for basic and routine cleaning of all non-textile floors. Whether equipped with economic PowerFlow (the brush supports the forward drive) or convenient, continuously variable drive (forward/reverse): The models in the ScrubmasterB45 series are provided with tailor-made solutions, quickly and economically, according to the customers’ demands. Depending on your individual needs, you can select from a circular brush unit with working widths of 43, 51 and 65 cm or a cylindrical brush unit with a working width of 50 cm and dirt collection.

Model Volumes clean/dirty water tank View PDF
B45 42 L

B30 – Area coverage up to 1 900 m² cleaned/hour

The Scrubmaster B30 scrubber-drier is ideally equipped for the fast, thorough cleaning of small and medium-sized areas. Manoeuvrable and compact, they provide an excellent view of the area to be cleaned. Two models are available for selection: either with PowerFlow (B30, the brush supports the forward drive) or for convenience with a continuously variable drive (B30 CL, forwards/reverse). A maintenance-free battery packet guarantees long operating times of up to 110 minutes and the series production on-board charger enables the battery to be charged at any standard power socket.

Model Volumes clean/dirty water tank View PDF
B30 30/30 L

B12 – Area coverage up to 1 500 m² cleaned/hour

The Scrubmaster B12 is a convenient, compact and easily transportable scrubber-drier for cleaning smaller areas. The projecting disk brush head enables cleaning close to borders, thus saving any intensive follow-up work. The disk brush ensures smooth, hard floors are cleaned thoroughly. Its light weight and folding operating lever ensure space-saving storage and easy transport. The compact design provides a high level of manoeuv- rability and excellent visibility in confined and congested areas. The integrated charger enables the battery to be recharged using any conven-tional power socket.

Model Solution Tank Recovery Tank Litres View PDF
B12 16 L 22 L

B3 -Area coverage up to 600 m² cleaned/hour

A practical, easy-to-transport scrubber-drier designed to efficiently clean small and hard-to-reach areas. The light-weight design and collapsable tie bar save storage space and make the machine easy to transport, it even fits into the boot of your car.

Theoretical area coverage Solution Tank Recovery Tank View PDF
500 – 600m² 3L 5L


B75R – Area coverage up to 3,500 m² cleaned/hour

The new Scrubmaster B75 R can access areas that could previously only be cleaned using walk-behind scrubber-driers. The compact dimensions and superior manoeuvrability are only two of the scrubberdrier’s many advantages. Moreover, the machine offers superior operating comfort: The ergonomic, back-friendly design of the seat, which increases both comfort and productivity, is just as convincing as the wide range of practical details facilitating operating as well as cleaning and maintaining the machine. Given the transport speed of up to 6 km/h, which can be controlled and reduced at the push of a button, and the long running time, the Scrubmaster B75 R cleans large areas in a fast and efficient manner.

Model Working Width Squeegee Width Theoretical area coverage Nominal Voltage View PDF
B75R 55/65 cm 76/86 cm 3.500m²/h 24V

B120R – Area coverage up to 5,800 m² cleaned/hour

The vehicles in the Scrubmaster B120R series are compact, ride-on scrubberdriers with a working width between 70 cm and 90 cm used for the efficient wet cleaning of hard floors. Cleaning is possible with disk or cylindrical brushes.

Working Width Squeegee Width Theoretical area coverage Nominal Voltage Volume clean dirty water tank View PDF
65 cm 86 cm 4.200m² 24 V 116/116 L

B175R – Area coverage up to 5,950 m² cleaned/hour

The Scrubmaster B175 R masters every cleaning task while providing a high area performance – even when working uphill. The scrubber-drier has sufficient power to perform all cleaning tasks effectively, also on inclines. Activating the slow mode reduces the working speed to 3.5 km/h to ensure controlled and efficient cleaning. The 90° steering lock provides a minimum turning circle in confined areas. These are just a few of many examples that show what makes the Scrubmaster B175 R the perfect choice when it comes to cleaning large areas such as airports, industrial facilities, shopping centres and logistics areas.

Working Width Squeegee Width Theoretical area coverage Nominal Voltage Volume clean dirty water tank View PDF
85 cm 94/113 cm 5.950m² 36 V 175/175 L

Combination Machines

PowerBoss Nautilus – Area coverage up to 15,200 m² cleaned/hour

The PowerBoss Nautilus scrubber sweeper can be an exceptional value to your company. Large water capacities provides longer cleaning time, heavy duty stainless steel parts offer lower cost of ownership and the unmatched maneuverability helps to ensure professional cleaning results that will make the difference for you. 

Model Working Width Squeegee Width Theoretical area coverage View PDF
PB Nautilus 114 cm 142 cm 15.200 m²

B310R – Area coverage up to 9,250 m² cleaned/hour

The Scrubmaster B310 R is available as a plate brush model with working widths of 102 and 123 cm as well as a cylindrical brush model (working width 96 cm) for rough and structured floors. Thanks to the attention paid to the technical details and achieving perfect results of cleaning, they always leave a good, clean impression. The cylindrical brush model of the Scrubmaster B310 R sweeps up coarse and fine dirt during wet cleaning. The optional side brushes sweep up dirt from border areas and enable the squeegee to run on a clean track. As a result, the machine completes two working procedures in one, without needing to enlarge its compact dimensions. Thanks to the front wheel drive and steering, the machine practically moves within its own dimensions and, therefore, can be used productively even in confined areas

Model Working Width Squeegee Width Theoretical area coverage Nominal Voltage View PDF
B310R 102 cm 126 cm 7.600 m² 36 V

B140R – Area coverage up to 5,300 m² cleaned/hour

The Scrubmaster B140 R performs powerful basic and routine cleaning. The brush pressure can be adjusted to up to 60 kg using a foot pedal. You can use the brush attachment option to sweep up loose dirt in the dry area in front of the scrubbing brushes. The fact that you can dispense with an additional sweeping machine means cost-savings of up to 40 {da89cb2d2a227c174eb788dcb4d932b998fcf5bb2e454240b8de3cb381020619}. The Hako Control System enables us to programme the machine according to your individual needs. A connection socket for hand-held scrubbing and vacuuming tools enables corners and awkward areas to be cleaned thoroughly while the central arrangement of the driver’s seat provides a perfect view of the working area.

Working Width Squeegee Width Theoretical area coverage Nominal Voltage Volume clean dirty water tank View PDF
88 cm 110/95 cm 5.300 m² 24 V 140/140 L

Walk Behind

B/P650 – Area coverage up to 2,600 m² cleaned/hour

The Sweepmaster B650 and Sweepmaster P650 are extremely manoeuvrable, compact vacuum-sweeper machines providing a high-performance. Their robust construction is apparent when completing everyday work, e. g. the non-corroding, coated steel frame, the shock and impact resistant plastic cover and overhead throwing principle. Its powerful petrol engine (P650) or battery drive (B650) means that the Walk-behind Sweepmaster production series can be deployed almost everywhere.  

Model Sweeping Width Sweeping Performance Dirt Hopper Volume View PDF
B/P650 50,5 cm 3,525 m²/h 35L

B500 – Area coverage up to 2,400 m² cleaned/hour

The smallest motorised sweeper in the Hako product range for use on all hard and carpeted floors – and an amazing area coverage of up to 2,400 m² cleaned/hour. The large, fully exploitable dirt hopper with a capacity of 40 litres and the efficient filter system also enable the Sweepmaster B500 to complete demanding sweeping tasks. Its extremely simple operation and  convenient features ensure work is easier and more efficient. 

Model Sweeping Width Sweeping Performance Dirt Hopper Volume View PDF
B500 40/60 cm 2,400 m²/h 40L

M600 – Area coverage up to 2,300 m² cleaned/hour

This manually operated sweeper has an unequalled high sweeping and collecting capacity for up to 2,300 m²/hour. Hako’s Sweepmaster M600 is equipped for use on small areas being fitted with an indestructible plastic dirt hopper on which there is a 5 year warranty, an impact-resistant steel frame and solid aluminium housing. The handle can be adapted optimally to every user through the ergonomic shape and simple turnaround of the handle guide shafts. 

Model Sweeping Width Sweeping Performance Dirt Hopper Volume View PDF
M600 48/67 cm 2,300 m²/h 40L


B/P/D1500 RH – Area coverage up to 16 200 m² cleaned/hour

The Sweepmaster 1500 RH fulfils all the requirements necessary for the long-term, economic and commercial use of vacuum sweeper vehicles, even under difficult working conditions. Powerful engines, diverse types of drive, a strong sweeping  unit and high-performance filter system mean that the Sweepmaster 1500 RH is a vehicle designed use anywhere and for practically any sweeping task. This is combined with a particularly simple operation and a comprehensive range of accessories for individual adaptation to your requirements!

Model Sweeping Width Sweeping Performance Dirt Hopper Volume View PDF
B/P/D1500 RH 127 cm 12,960 m²/h 250L

B/P/D1200 RH – Area coverage up to 13 200 m² cleaned/hour

The Sweepmaster 1200 RH is the perfect machine for effective, economic vacuum sweeping of multi-storey car parks, warehouse and production buildings and permanent outdoor facilities. The Sweepmaster 1200 RH is available for selection with a petrol/LPG, diesel or battery drive. The battery-powered models have an operating time of up to 5 hours and the petrol, diesel and liquified petroleum gas  models up to 10 hours, meaning that they can be used to complete all types of indoor and outdoor work. Numerous options are available for selection depending  on the working conditions, e. g. cab safety roof, second side brush (left) or flashing beacon. 

Model Sweeping Width Sweeping Performance Dirt Hopper Volume View PDF
B/P/D1200 RH 115 cm 10,300 m²/h 130L

B/P900 R – Area coverage up to 5,700 m²/h cleaned/hour

The Sweepmaster 900 R vacuum sweeper represents the introduction to the class of ride-on vacuum sweeper vehicles. Its manoeuvrability, due to the directly coupled front wheel, means driving is easy even in narrow aisles. The modern,  convenient cockpit enables fatigue-free operation. The large dimensioned,  innovative cylindrical brush and high-performance suction turbine provide perfect  sweeping results. High quality and robust construction ensure excellent cleaning results in indoor and outdoor areas. 

Model Sweeping Width Sweeping Performance Dirt Hopper Volume View PDF
B/P800 95 cm 5,700 m²/h 2 X 30L

B800 R – Area coverage up to 5,340 m²/h cleaned/hour

When considering the dust-free cleaning of small and medium-sized areas, you can’t do better than the Sweepmaster B800 R. It works according to the overhead throwing principle which ensures the hopper is filled to the full. This promotes uninterrupted work and a constant, first class sweeping performance. To ensure the machine continues to provide consistent cleaning results, the filter in the insert  can be shaken clean occasionally. To clean it after completing work, it can be accessed from the clean side easily and quickly. The robust, steel frame construction in heavy-duty quality means the Hako-Sweepmaster is a machine for professional use which can clean surfaces thoroughly and efficiently for a number of years!

Model Sweeping Width Sweeping Performance Dirt Hopper Volume View PDF
B/P800 89 cm 5,340 m²/h 2 X 25L
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