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Diesel Forklift

toyota diesel forklift

Engine Powered Forklift – 8FG/8FG 

The Toyota Tonero series of engine counterbalance trucks includes diesel and LPG models, with maximum load capacities up to 3.5 tonnes and lifting heights up to 7 metres. Offering a wide range of cabins for all weather conditions, and with Toyota SAS as standard, our Tonero engine powered forklift series is ideal for outdoor use. Low noise and vibration, excellent all-round visibility and easy servicing allow for improved driver comfort and forklift truck durability.

Model Engine Model Overall Width Turning radius (mm) Overhead Guard Height (mm) View PDF
8FDF35 Gasoline/Diesel 1.350 2.610 2.210
8FDF25 Gasoline/Diesel 1.155 2.090 2.085
8FDF18 Gasoline/Diesel 1.070 2.010 2.080
8FDF70 Diesel 1.965 3.230 2.310
8FDF50 Diesel 1.450 2.810 2.300
8FDF45 Gasoline/Diesel 1.450 2.750 2.300
8FDF40 Gasoline/Diesel 1.350 2.660 2.210

Electronic Forklift

8FBRES Series

Simplicity of use coupled with high efficiency are the core benefits of using the new 8FBRE models. These reach trucks can be trusted to offer the operators the high-quality, comfortable position that make work safe and enjoyable.

Model Load capacity (kg) Load centre (mm) Turning radius (mm) Engine model View PDF
8FBRE16S 1600 600 1668 Electronic
8FBRE14S 1400 600 1668 Electronic
8FBRE12S 1200 600 1668 Electronic

Electric 3 Wheel – 8FBE

Wide Operation Range, The 8FBE Series Becomes a New Standard for Compact Forklifts. The compact body and turning performance all add up to superior operability in narrow worksites. This, together with great stability, makes for powerful support for material handling in a diverse range of applications.

Model Load capacity (kg) Load centre (mm) Turning radius (mm) Engine model View PDF
8FBE15 1500 500 1515 Electronic
8FBE13 1250 500 1400 Electronic
8FBE10 1000 500 1385 Electronic
8FBE20 2000 500 1675 Electronic
8FBE18 1750 500 1550 Electronic

8-Series Electric 4 Wheel – 8FBN

The 8FB Series achieves longer operating time by minimizing energy loss. What’s more, options that enable easy battery replacement support longer operating time. Also equipped with features that contribute to longer battery life, the 8FB Series helps maximize the ease and efficiency of our operation.

Model Overall Width (mm) Turning radius (mm) Overhead Guard Height (mm) Length to Fork Face (mm) View PDF
8FBN25 1180 2000 2085 2352
8FBN20 1180 1980 2085 2250
8FBN18 1065 1780 2095 2115
8FBN15 1060 1770 2085 2080
8FBN30 1235 2210 2255 2485
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