Quality 3-Wheel Electric Forklifts

Warehouse material-handling equipment offers a wide selection of machinery to choose from. Forklifts are some of the most commonly used counterbalanced trucks in a warehouse or storage facility. They come in different shapes and sizes to do different jobs. Reach stackers are ideal for optimising vertical reach to pack taller stacks and maximise the available floor space. Articulated models separate the steering from the body and fork to allow for more control during lifting. Pallet trucks keep their centre of gravity as low as possible for optimal control when transporting heavily laden pallets.

Counterbalanced trucks are available with internal-combustion engines or electric motors. Internal-combustion engines emit hazardous exhaust gases from burning fuel to generate power. Therefore, they are best suited to outdoor applications. We offer the 8FG/FD series that is powered by either petrol or diesel, dependent on the specific model. These forklifts are also made for rough-terrain operation. Our range of Toyota counterbalanced trucks also includes a selection of electric trucks, including 3-wheel and 4-wheel options.

The Highly Functional 3-Wheel Layout

3 wheel electric forklift For decades, people have toyed with the idea of a 3-wheeled car. Whether the single wheel is in front or behind, this concept has its flaws and benefits. However, if this concept is applied to electric forklifts, it can ensure excellent stability and manoeuvrability for easier operation. The front axle of a counterbalanced truck is the axle that bears the load. Therefore, most of these trucks have cabins at the rear of the vehicle. Our 8FBE series is compact and ideal for narrow-aisle operations. But it also highlights the efficiency of the 3-wheel concept for warehouse material-handling equipment.

Since the front axle is the load-bearing axle, its track must be wide to ensure the stability of the vehicle when carrying a load. Therefore, most counterbalanced trucks feature rear-wheel steering to keep the front wheels straight and steady. The 8FBE series features a centrally positioned double-rear-wheel layout that resembles a 3-wheel setup. As a result, the vehicle is balanced, with a roughly triangular contact patch that frees up the rear end to steer and control the vehicle’s position. This also ensures that the front axle remains stable for better control while under load. This results in carrying capacities of between 1 and 2 t for this range of forklifts.

The rear axle of an electric counterbalanced truck controls the direction of travel and keeps the vehicle steady during direction changes. With a wide rear track, body lean is curbed. However, it is more difficult to negotiate very tight turns. By reducing the track and mounting the wheels in the centre, the rear of the vehicle can move around more freely for better control and faster response. Although the concept of only having three areas of contact for a vehicle is certainly not suitable for cars’ high speeds, it is effective and stable within the low-speed indoor material-handling environment.

Toyota Forklift is your supplier of 3-wheel electric warehouse material handlers as part of our comprehensive selection. For more on our available brands and ranges, please browse our website for specifications and PDF brochures. Let us elevate your business with quality lifting machinery today.