In a fast track contract, two state-of- the-art Fassi standing platform clamshell operation cranes were delivered to the Msunduzi Municipality in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa by 600SA, a division of Eqstra Industrial Equipment (“EIE”), in less than two months from placement of order.

The machines, Fassi F95A.0.21 cranes, were specially imported on behalf of the client and were equipped with advanced features such as three control consoles for increased efficiency and ease of operation. They are being deployed across the municipality for refuse collection and disposal and will assist the municipality to improve service delivery.


While the Fassi F95A.0.21 crane is a relatively small crane at 4,420 kg lifting capacity at 2 m reach and 1,545 kg lifting capacity at 5.9 m reach, it is powerful and also has additional functions to allow for clam shell grab and rotator operation. The cranes, believed to be the first of their kind to be supplied to a client in South Africa, feature standing platforms supplied as part of the original machine. While standing platforms have been used before by other municipalities, these have usually been modified locally with the control station not affording the full, clear view of most of the working area that these new machines offer.

In addition, the cranes were customised for Msunduzi Municipality with three sets of controls fitted, respectively, on either side of the truck, that is on both the passenger and driver side, and, most importantly, on top on the standing platform station. Using three sets of controls overcomes the challenges of limited space or obstacles obscuring the view of the operator, as well as the need for the operator to move from side to side during an operation. In addition, there is no longer the need to repeatedly re-stow the crane, retract the stabilizer and move the truck during an operation, which is typical with other cranes and which can result in many hours of production being lost.

The contract covered supply and fitting of the equipment, on an outright purchase basis. 600SA will service the cranes and also carries most of the fast moving spare parts in stock. This size crane is used by most major municipalities across South Africa.

“This contract is an important addition to our long track record of supplying cranes to Msunduzi Municipality, which we have had the pleasure of counting as a client for some 20 years – testimony to our commitment to building partnerships for life,” says Brendan Londt – MD: 600SA. “The vast majority of the cranes supplied, around the same 9 t/m size, are still in operation as a result of their exceptionally rugged and durable construction.”

Fassi is one of the suite of best-in-class brands available from EIE.  600SA distributes a comprehensive range of Fassi articulating hydraulic truck-mounted cranes from the light-duty 1/12 tonnes, through to the heavy-duty (over 41 tonnes) truck-mounted, knuckle-boom cranes.

Advanced technological features of these cranes include the innovative Fassi double linkage system, which assures perfectly constant lifting at all times. The original ProLink System allows the working angle to be increased above the horizontal line by up to 20 degrees.

600SA fully supports its Fassi crane users over the complete product lifecycle, including maintenance contracts, operator and maintenance staff training and spares and aftermarket support.

Note to Editors

Eqstra Industrial Equipment (“EIE”) provides distribution, leasing, rental and value-added services for industrial, materials handling and agricultural equipment in South Africa, various other African countries, the UK and Ireland. EIE has exclusive distribution agreements with best-in-class brands and operates from 4 branches, 10 depots and a comprehensive dealership network in Southern Africa, with representation in Angola, Botswana, Mozambique, Malawi, Madagascar, Namibia, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The UK industrial equipment business, Impact Handling is the exclusive distributor for Cat Lift Trucks in the UK and Ireland. EIE forms part of the EQSTRA Holdings Limited Group, which is listed on the Johannesburg stock exchange.

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