Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ)

EIE Group’s SHEQ policy expresses the company’s commitment to ZERO HARM, our people, the environment and our communities.  Think Safe, Work Safe, Home Safe, underpins our daily safety behavior and culture.  In conjunction with this policy we have implemented and consistently maintained an Integrated SHEQ management system to establish a defined business operating system. This approach has removed any duplication in processes and procedures and improved the efficiencies of our operating systems, as well as ensure an easy navigation through our electronic documents.  We are ISO 9001(Quality Management System), ISO 14001(Environmental Management System) and have built in the principles of OHSAS 18001(Occupational Health and Safety Management System).  In addition, to ensure that we operate an efficient lean quality business, we have implemented ASEC (After Service Evaluation Certificate) and TLLP (Toyota Lean Logistics Program) all programs focused on Customer Excellence delivery.

To deliver on our health and safety commitments, the Group has implemented a zero – harm health and safety framework which aims to provide guidance to our operations.  This ensures that a consistent safety standard and culture is maintained.  Our SHEQ Management System, is well documented and this outlines how to manage personal safety effectively within the various stages of the operations. Our mission is to reduce risk as far as reasonably practical. We do this effectively by increasing and removing communication barriers by sharing our Incident Learnings as proactive awareness and ongoing safety education.   These steps remain critical for achieving and maintaining our zero- harm culture.