Socio – Economic Development (SED)

The EIE Group’s strategy is to empower communities in our environment with support, resources and skills enabling individuals to improve and lead better lives. SED is a major cornerstone for good corporate citizenship, and forms an integral part of our BBBEE transformation, corporate accountability and governance programme and is a key component of the Company’s stated objectives.

As a responsible corporate citizen, the EIE Group will continue to uplift our communities. We have partnered with various Technical schools over the past 13 years and we currently have 21 learners in various sponsorships in our education program. These schools have been identified in each of the provinces, making a broad impact by developing individuals in rural and urban areas.

The purpose of the Socio -Economic Development initiative is to provide learners who would not have the opportunity to attend a technical school, to do so as school and hostel fees are often not within the means of their parents.

The project is not just about developing high school and tertiary learners, but also prepares learners at an early age, i.e in primary schools where perceptions about technical education are being challenged, and an awareness of the possibilities of a bright future within technical fields is created.

The PHAKAMISA SED Project’s purpose, is to bring the learners into the company as apprentices and after the required period, they become qualified artisans in the skilled technical occupational category. They acquire skills that are in high demand, and able to make a positive contribution to the economy and the country.

Sasol in partnership with the EIE Group’s Toyota Industrial Equipment piloted their forklift training programme as part of their Youth Skills Development initiatives. The project was established early 2018 to create a pool of employable youth in the community, of which 20 local female youth were trained as forklift drivers in this intake. The training which covered theory and practical training at Sasol Secunda operations was for the duration of two months (from 14 May to 13 July 2018).

During Sasol’s maintenance shutdown period, 10 of the 20 learners were placed at the Sasol Secunda site in the following departments; Explosives, Secunda Chemicals Operations Logistics Base Chemicals and at Polypropylene warehouse.

The MOU partnership signed between Sasol and Toyota Industrial Equipment is focussed on training and developing unemployed young people, to gain forklift driver skills enabling them to become economic contributors to their communities.