All-Terrain Lifting Equipment

Construction sites are not always ideal work environments for heavy machinery. As a result, such machines may be limited in where they can move and reach on site. Mobile cranes are feasible solutions in such cases. However, they can still be limited by the rough surfaces on which they must operate. We offer a selection of all-terrain machinery that can traverse almost any type of surface. These machines are perfect for large construction sites that require mobile lifting equipment. They can also be used in other applications within the industrial sector.

Link-Belt is one of the many brands of machinery that we stock and supply in South Africa. Their selection of mobile cranes ensures that you always have an option in terms of lifting equipment on every site. Providing the necessary platform to ensure a stable lift on most surface types, these machines are essential for large industrial businesses. Today, we will discuss the fundamentals of reliable and efficient all-terrain lifting equipment. Although you might already have similar machinery, Link-Belt machines will elevate your fleet to the next level.

Link-Belt All-Terrain Solutions

The basics of an all-terrain mobile crane start at the chassis and contact patch of the vehicle. The chassis must be sturdy and reinforced to handle medium- to heavy-duty lifting on uneven surfaces. The contact patch refers to the area of the machine that touches the surface. In most cases, large off-road tyres are used on such machines; these provide the necessary grip and stability to keep the machine stable and firmly planted when lifting heavy loads. Crawler tracks can also be used for off-road manoeuvring.

Link-Belt offers a TCC module that is ideal as an all-terrain crane. This module features a telescopic lattice boom for lifting and crawler tracks for manoeuvring. Crawler tracks look like they can only travel forwards and backwards; however, skid-steer tracks can operate independently. As a result, the left crawler track can rotate forwards while the right track rotates backwards. This rotates the entire vehicle to the right, with the reverse applicable for rotating the vehicle to the left. This handy feature makes the TCC module an ideal candidate for work environments with limited space to manoeuvre.

If space is not an issue, Link-Belt also offers the ATC module. This all-terrain crane module has all the features you need to get the job done. Also featuring a lattice boom that can extend, its reach and maximum load capacity allow you to get the heavy jobs done on the worksite. The platform is designed to accommodate the massive boom and large, off-road tyres can traverse almost any type of surface with ease. This machine also has stabilising arms that extend from the sides of the vehicle. These come in handy when working on sloped and/or uneven terrain.

Toyota Forklift is your supplier of warehouse material handlers and all-terrain mobile cranes. We also feature a selection of industrial batteries to power electric lifting equipment. For more information on how we can elevate your business with quality industrial equipment, please peruse our website for specifications on our available machinery. Choose us as your supplier of industrial all-terrain lifting equipment today.