Superior Performance and Mobility of the Link-Belt ATC 3210 All-Terrain Cranes

As a supplier of superior quality equipment for tasks such as waste management, municipal and industrial cleaning, and heavy-lifting operations, we proudly supply the Link-Belt All-Terrain Cranes. These all-terrain cranes offer excellent performance and they feature superior road mobility and a high level of functionality. We take a brief look at the features of the ATC-3210 all-terrain cranes below, giving you insight into the superior design features that make these all-terrain cranes so versatile.

The Link-Belt ATC 3210 All Terrain Crane

Mobility on the road is important, as the crane must be driven to the place where it is to be used. To facilitate this, it has cruise control, which is extremely useful for longer distances and to reduce fuel consumption. It is also offered with features such as a 3-stage engine compression brake and a 5-stage brake control lever for optimal control. The all-terrain crane features automated transmission offering 12 speeds with two for reverse, and with this, operator fatigue is reduced. This also provides improved control over the travelling speed. The operator can choose between semi-automatic and fully automatic modes for operation. The cranes have an excellent power output, proven by the fact that these all-terrain cranes can easily travel on the highways because of their mobility features, at up to nearly 100 km/h, in fact. The counterweight flexibility together with the hydro-gas suspension features further add to the mobility of these cranes, whether on the job or on the highway.

Excellent Visibility in the Operator Cab

It is important for the operator to have all-round visibility, and with the wide cab of the ATC 3210 All-Terrain Crane, there is no compromise in this regard. The operator can also see the crane very well and as such, the risk of accidents because of a lack of visibility is significantly reduced. The cab features integrated air-conditioning, which adds to operator comfort, ensuring a comfortable work environment for higher productivity, less fatigue, and lower risk of fatigue-related accidents.

The rear-view mirrors are heated and powered. This ensures that, even on frosty mornings, the operator has superb visibility to the rear of the truck. The cab is fitted with an overhead storage compartment where the operator can store the manual, logbook, and other important documentation. The all-terrain crane also comes with a right-hand-side camera, which helps to improve visibility and promotes safer driving and operating conditions. The cab can tilt up to 20 degrees and the crane comes with a pull-out walk for easier access to and from the operator cab for maximum safety, convenience, and productivity.

High-Performance, Responsive Hydraulic System

The crane has a pin-and-latch boom with superior attachment flexibility to meet your specific job and capacity requirements. Fitted with seven pumps, the hydraulic system is powerful enough to handle several functions at once, such as hoisting of the boom, the swing, and the winch. The ATC 3210 All-Terrain Cranes are all fitted with hydraulic piston motor hoist systems, adding to their impressive hoisting capacity. Fitted with matching-size front and optional reach winches, the winches provide equal maximum line pulls and speeds. The cranes are also fitted with two bidirectional hydraulic swing motors, which are specially mounted on planetary reduction units. The above makes a smooth swing of a full 360 degrees possible. In addition, the swing park brake ensures that various swing positions can be held and the swing can be free when the control is in neutral.

If you are thus looking for all-terrain cranes that are highly mobile, exceptionally flexible in operation, safe, and powerful, look no further than the Link-Belt ATC 3210 cranes as available from us.