Bakers Transport is based in Pietermaritzburg and is well known for the reliable, safe and prompt transportation of goods on our national roads. They have achieved a very high standard in keeping up with world leaders in the way they move goods.

Bakers has expanded into Warehousing and distribution as well as Containerised Cargo and in 2009 they entered into a contract with world renowned Whirlpool to do all their distribution of their appliances in Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Toyota Forklift was approached by Bakers to see how their material handling requirements could be met and what solutions Toyota could come up with to ensure maximum loading times with minimum downtime. Bolzoni Auroma who is very well known for their specialising of forklifts attachments was called to the table to discuss various appliance clamps.

In a joint venture with Toyota Forklifts and Bolzoni Auroma special “Intelligent Appliance Clamps” were brought into South Africa, the first of their kind in Africa and the second Bolzoni site in the world to ever make use of these clamps. These clamps are able of carrying up to twelve fridges at one time safely and without any damages.

In December nine electric Toyota Forklifts were ordered with an additional four units thereafter. A state of the art battery bay management system that would make it very easy for drivers to swop out batteries and carry on with their shifts was also designed and installed. FMX, which is Toyota Forklifts, fleet management system that monitors driver behaviour, productivity, utilisation and many other forklift reports were also fitted to ensure proper control over Bakers Forklift fleet. Monthly a customised Operations report highlights certain forklift parameters which ensures that Bakers forklift fleet is being optimised to their fullest, is available

The System of Active stability (SAS), self levelling forks and scale at the touch of the button as well as 24/7 service and backup all help to ensure that Bakers can accurately and professionally meet Whirlpools loading deadlines. Bakers have peace of mind that Toyota Forklift can manage their fleet and ensure maximum uptime all the time!

Saficon Industrial Equipment, sole distributors of Toyota forklifts in South Africa, prides ourselves in having achieves a high level service and customer satisfaction and is dedicated to understanding both daily and long term material handling requirement and the fast, efficient handling of goods.