Battery Solutions from EIE Group

EIE Group offers a range of battery solutions in terms of industrial power for businesses. Power is critical to keep work fleets of trucks, forklifts, and other vehicles going throughout their shifts. If these vehicles fail due to a lack of power from their battery packs, it will be to the detriment of the business. Therefore, it is highly advisable to have more than enough industrial power solutions at your disposal. Industrial vehicles use much more onboard battery power than regular light commercial vehicles. The extra moving parts on these machines are responsible for the higher power usage.

The world of commercial automotive engineering has seen an increase in EVs, or electric vehicles. These vehicles are solely powered by electricity, a concept that has been used in the industrial sector for decades already. Many warehouses around the world use only electrically powered forklifts. These forklifts use rechargeable battery packs to do their job. The same applies to industrial vehicles using battery packs to generate power for lifting, like mounted cranes, as well as loading-bay operations. This is where EIE Group’s battery solutions can make a noticeable difference to your weekly or monthly routines.


Industrial Power Solutions

Any type of electric vehicle needs a reliable battery pack for a plethora of reasons. First, the electric motors that propel it are powered by the battery pack. Second, simple functions such as the headlights, windows, and windscreen wipers need power to operate. Third, many vehicles have onboard computer systems controlling and monitoring the vehicle’s operation. Therefore, without a battery that can provide electricity to the vehicle, it would be completely useless. This concept applies to industrial electric vehicles as well, only in 3-fold.

Industrial vehicles usually have large moving parts on them. Such a part can be, for example, the fork on a forklift. As a result, the batteries needed on these vehicles are much more durable and long-lasting. The lifecycle of a battery is the time from fully charged to completely depleted. Regular vehicle batteries have about 200 to 400 life cycles before the battery is worn out. Industrial battery solutions have to reliably deliver up to 1500 life cycles, which is a lot more. These batteries also have increased capacity to last longer between charges.

When it comes to industrial battery solutions, businesses need the most practical option for their vehicles. Battery packs with large capacities and increased life cycle expectancy will always be better options than standard battery packs. At EIE Group, you are bound to find the ideal battery solutions for your industrial vehicles. A fleet of industrial vehicles should not be held back by an inadequate supply of power to the vehicle’s moving parts. These parts are what set these vehicles apart from regular trucks. Therefore, these machines play a pivotal role in any business incorporating a fleet of industrial vehicles.

EIE Group offers more than simply industrial battery solutions. We also offer a large selection of industrial machinery. Our selection includes warehouse lifting equipment and truck-mounted cranes for your industrial vehicles. Peruse our website for any further information and let EIE Group’s range of industrial solutions take your business to new levels.