Forklifts as the Ideal Container-Handling Equipment

A standard forklift is a counterbalanced lift truck that is designed for warehouses and storage facilities, so it can be classified as warehouse material-handling equipment. Its narrow and tall body allows for optimal manoeuvring in confined spaces and narrow aisles. The fork is normally mounted at the front of the vehicle, as the body serves as the counterweight to keep the lifting fork steady. Rear-wheel steering also optimises front-end stability and control for the operator. At Toyota Forklift, we specialise in these machines and even offer a range that is made to handle containers.

Container-handling equipment commonly consists of overhead and mobile cranes to efficiently transport and recycle containers at dockyards. Although cranes are an efficient solution in such circumstances, Konecranes offers a different alternative in the form of a range of counterbalanced trucks specifically designed to handle, stack, and transport containers at a dockyard. As a result, you can employ a fleet of specialised equipment such as these machines to handle your daily operations for even faster turnaround times and better efficiency.

A Forklift for The Dockyard

Since containers are much larger and heavier than regular warehouse pallets, the basic design of a regular forklift is inadequate. Therefore, Konecranes offers an innovative design with its material-handling equipment range that caters specifically to these shortcomings. Their forklift design has a very wide and flat body to start with. The body is larger than that of a regular lift truck and much heavier to deal with the added weight of the load at the front of the vehicle. The cabin is mounted towards the rear of the vehicle for optimal visibility and safety during operation.

As far as container-handling equipment goes, Konecranes offers an all-inclusive approach. Their range of counterbalanced lift trucks features models for stacking and handling both full and empty containers. The wheels are one of the most important parts of the vehicle. They are the connection between the vehicle and the surface it drives on. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that the wheelbase and the width of the axles are ideal, considering the purpose of the vehicle. The wheelbase is the distance between the front and rear axles, which directly affects the handling and stability of the vehicle.

Konecranes lift trucks are designed for heavy lifting. Therefore, the wheels are at the extreme corners of the vehicle. This ensures that the body stays stable at all times when operating it. Body lean is also eliminated with this layout. This is an important feature of these machines, as they carry extremely heavy loads and have to be able to do so without upsetting the vehicle’s balance or posing a tipping danger. Therefore, your operators can confidently drive these machines at their intended safe operating speeds without running the risk of destabilising the load when changing direction.

Toyota Forklift is your answer to warehouse-material and container-handling equipment. Our selection includes a wide range of forklifts, pallet trucks, and other useful machines for your storage facility or dockyard. Please peruse our website for details on these machines. Choose us today and let us supply your business with quality machinery.