Konecranes Container-Handling Equipment

Warehouse material handling equipment cover forklifts, pallet trucks, and reach stackers, all of which are used in storage facilities. Forklifts stand out from the rest as the most efficient machines for the job in such a fleet. With their ability to lift heavy loads, they can get the job done fast in confined spaces and narrow aisles. These types of vehicles are our speciality and we offer various brands and designs to suit businesses’ needs. We also offer a range of Konecranes container forklifts specifically designed for the dockyard.

Normally, container-handling equipment is stationary, with overhead cranes to lift and move them around. Konecranes delivers an innovative solution with its range of unique vehicles. Based on the concept of a forklift, these machines can be seen as forklifts for docks. The front-mounted fork is reinforced and shaped for handling the large rectangular shape and weight of containers. The chassis is also adapted for this function and the vehicle is counterbalanced for optimal performance and stability. Today, we will discuss how such a fleet can be managed for faster and more efficient results.

Forklifts for Container Handling

Container HandlingKonecranes offers a range of container-handling equipment that can transform the way a dockyard operates. The most time-consuming processes include recycling and stacking these huge boxes, since they are large and heavy. Luckily, Konecranes’ machines can deal with the weight and size. Starting with the platform on which these vehicles are built, they feature a wide body with a mid- or rear-mounted cabin. The structure is reinforced to increase its weight and to offer better counterbalancing. With the cabin at the rear, the operator has better visibility and is placed in a safer location.

Since such a machine deals with large and heavy loads, it is crucial to ensure its stability during lifting. Therefore, it has wheels pushed out to the extremities of the chassis. A wide track and long wheelbase may not be ideal for regular forklifts and narrow-aisled operations, but it is just what you need for these container-handling machines. Turning corners is another concern, with body lean being a factor when heavy items are being lifted. The steering function is taken away from the loaded front axle of a forklift and handled by the rear wheels. Therefore, the vehicle can turn without upsetting the load on the front axle for safer and more stable operation.

A fleet of lifting equipment works best with a smart management system that gathers data on all the vehicles in the fleet. Since these container-handling vehicles are large and can carry heavy loads, it is wise to ensure that they do not get in each other’s way. Konecranes offers the TRUCONNECT® fleet-management system that can be accessed from smart devices. This system gathers useful data such as driven routes to give you the insights to optimise your daily routines.

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