We Offer Top-Quality Container Lift Trucks for Sale

Lift trucks are designed with a specific function in mind. These machines are ideally purposed as warehouse material-handling equipment. However, they are not limited to the confines of warehouses and storage facilities. Outdoor models come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can do various jobs. Some construction businesses require models with internal-combustion engines to load pallets on flatbeds. Other variants are large and wide, ideal for container handling. We offer all these types for sale in South Africa.

Container lift trucks are unique in comparison to other warehouse material handlers. The basic formula for these lifters is usually a counterbalanced body with a front-mounted fork. Therefore, the fork can carry its weight without destabilising the vehicle or putting undue stress on the fork. The same concept applies to the range of Konecranes lift trucks that we offer for sale. Although they might not look like conventional warehouse material handlers, they are perfect for the docking yard. We also offer a smart fleet-management system to ensure that you can optimise your fleet of Konecranes vehicles.

Container Handling Simplified

Toyota Forklift - KONECRANES_4531TC5The concept of lift trucks was born out of businesses’ necessity to simplify their warehouse operations. These vehicles brought mobility and manoeuvrability to the lifting-equipment section. Cranes were counterbalanced pendulums that required one side to outweigh the other to achieve vertical movement and reach. This concept was revolutionised by the introduction of mobile counterbalanced equipment. Now, this concept is used in the industry of container handling as well, delivering a more versatile solution for sale to businesses that want to minimise turnaround times at dockyards.

Konecranes’ container lift trucks are designed and manufactured to lift big loads. These vehicles have wide and heavy bodies to serve as stabilisers during operation. Cornering is a concern when carrying such a heavy load and by putting the axles on the farthest extremes of the body, a long wheelbase can be achieved, which translates into optimal stability during driving, especially around corners, giving these vehicles the competitive edge in the market. We offer a variety of them for sale to ensure that your business can get its hands on the best equipment for daily use.

Fleet management is a pivotal aspect of warehouse material handling. The digital age has taken over and now you can manage the container lift trucks in your fleet from wherever you are. This digital platform is called TRUConnect® and will keep you informed on every detail surrounding your fleet. From travelled routes to component failures, you will be in the loop on what happens with your fleet when logging in on the platform. As a result, you can optimise routes, inform operators about part failures, and keep an eye on the performance of your vehicles.

Toyota Forklift is your supplier of container lift trucks in South Africa. We also offer a large variety of conventional and innovative warehouse material-handling equipment for sale. For more information on our selection of Konecranes equipment, please browse our website for images and specifications on these models. Let us elevate your business today with quality lifting equipment.