Heavy-Duty Lift Trucks for Daily Container Handling

Container handlers are usually overhead cranes that can deal with the heavy-duty job of lifting and stacking empty and laden containers. Because of their large, rectangular steel shells, it can be challenging to find the appropriate equipment to handle these containers. Traditionally, overhead cranes were the only option but luckily, we are specialists in lifting equipment and offer a wide range of warehouse material handlers that includes leading brands in the industry. We also have a range of Konecranes heavy-duty lift trucks that could change the way you go about your daily dockyard operations.

The concept of a counterbalanced truck is simple: the weight bias of the vehicle is to the rear of the truck to allow the front fork to carry a certain amount of weight without tipping. The rear-wheel axle also steers the vehicle by its rear end. Therefore, the front stays stable during operations for a safer way to lift and move huge containers. Konecranes applies this concept on a much larger scale to their selection of container stackers. They also offer reach stackers that can grant you the ability to create high stacks and open up more space.

The SMV 4525 TBE5 and SMV 4530 TBE5

Konecranes provides a revolutionary solution when it comes to container handling. Their SMV 4525 TBE5 and 4530 TBE5 models are prime candidates as reach stackers in this department. The innovative design of these vehicles demonstrates how they are able to handle heavy-lifting jobs at a dockyard. The counterweighted design puts the crane mount at the rear of the chassis and the cabin is mounted directly in front of the crane, which places the driver towards the rear of the vehicle as well. The result is clear all-round visibility for safer and more effective operation.

These reach stackers feature a heavy-duty box-type chassis that is regarded as the strongest type of chassis design on the market. The long wheelbase places the wheels at the furthest extremities of the chassis, so the vehicle always stays stable and controllable. The front axle has double wheels on each side to carry more weight and the rear wheels are responsible for steering the vehicle and keeping the front pointing in the right direction. This feature also ensures that the front wheels stay straight and this keeps the front stable at all times.

Toyota Industrial Equipment port container handling

These vehicles are large and heavy, which means that they need a powerful engine to power them. They use low-emission engines that provide very high levels of torque at low engine speeds to keep fuel consumption and noise levels to a minimum. They also feature load-sensing hydraulics that only deliver the necessary amount of power in accordance with the weight being lifted. The result is a container stacker with smart power-usage features and good resultant fuel consumption to keep you going throughout the day.

For added lifting functionality, these container stackers feature a welded box-type lift boom. The boom has a 4-plate box section that delivers the necessary bending resistance to ensure that the boom stays straight and twist-free when dealing with heavy lifts. The torsional stiffness of the boom grants precise and predictive handling. Therefore, the operators can rely on the boom to be strongly integral and function as expected every time, irrespective of the load. So, if you want a fleet of counterbalanced trucks that can handle the weight of empty and laden containers, Konecranes has the solution.

Toyota Forklift is your supplier of counterbalanced lift trucks and other industrial solutions. If you need a fleet of lift trucks for your work environment, we sell and rent our vehicles at competitive prices. Peruse our website for brochures to find out more about these incredible container stackers from Konecranes.