Advantages of Choosing Crane Hire in Gauteng For Your Building Projects

When it comes to building projects in Gauteng, there are usually a few options available when you need cranes. You can lease, buy, or hire a crane in Gauteng. Purchasing a crane can cost a lot of money, and often people choose to hire their cranes instead. There are a lot of advantages associated with renting a crane instead of purchasing one, so many building project managers prefer this option.

Cranes can be very expensive, and not all companies have the cash flow needed for an outright purchase. Even though it is possible to arrange crane finance, you end up paying a lot more over the financing period than the crane is worth, while the resale value of the crane decreases. This means that, if you cannot pay upfront for a crane, it costs you money. On top of that, you have to find a place to store your crane when you don’t need it, and storage can be expensive. If you have a long break between projects, the crane is sitting idle and it doesn’t earn you any money.

Crane hire in Gauteng is the way to go for most project managers. Because you can book a crane for the projects you need it for, you can use it when you need it, and when the job is done, it can go back to the rental company. Usually, the company that owns the crane is also responsible for its upkeep, repairs, and servicing, which means that you don’t have to suffer any downtime during maintenance cycles, because you can book a fully serviced and maintained crane for your project. Another thing that counts in your favour if you choose crane hire in Gauteng is that, if the crane breaks down, you can get a replacement from the crane rental company.

Finding crane operators can be a stumbling block; if you choose crane rental in Gauteng, the rental company can often provide trained and qualified operators with licenses to operate the crane. This does not only do away with added personnel problems and responsibilities, but it also means that, if a crane operator falls ill or cannot be at work, another operator will be available to do the job. There is the added benefit that you don’t have to spend money on the training of operators and refresher courses to keep the licenses current.

If you are looking for crane hire in Gauteng, call our team at the EIE Group for more information. We have all the latest crane technology for hire in Gauteng, and we will be able to provide you with what you need to make your project a success!