Choosing the Most Suitable Crane Truck for Sale for Your Project

The transportation of goods from one location to another is big business, and more goods are moved on a large scale now than ever. One of the reasons that this can be done is because modern technology has improved the design of cranes and other material handling equipment and, as a result, the crane trucks that are for sale or rent on the market today provide exceptional results. It is still very important to choose the correct type of crane truck for your operation, and often you will have to make a choice between a crane truck for sale and one for rent. Whichever one you choose, we are here to help you to make a more informed decision by providing you with some useful tips.

Most cranes are stationery and fixed in place. They can carry and shift heavy loads, but the base of the crane is anchored to a specific spot, which means that the reach of the crane only extends to the length of the crane arm. A crane truck can move on tracks or wheels, while carrying heavy weights, and they provide more flexibility in terms of where goods can be collected and deposited.

Tracks can be set down wherever needed and, as such, these crane trucks are used very effectively in dock yards, railway depots, large agricultural operations, mining, and construction projects. The crane trucks vary in their rated capacities, and the one you choose has to be suited to your particular operation, which means that, if you are looking at a crane truck for sale or rent, you have to find the best one for your application.

Truck-mounted cranes, as described, are mounted on a truck that provides mobility. They are very convenient to use and easy to move from one location to another, as they can travel along streets and highways to your site

Rough-terrain cranes are designed to specifically operate in terrain that cannot easily be negotiated by other means of transport, the rough terrain will require track that are set down previously, and they are limited to the area that the tracks provide.

All-terrain cranes are some of the more versatile options around when it comes to choosing a crane truck from all the types of cranes for sale or rental. They can travel on roads and across difficult terrain to provide outstanding manoeuvrability where it is needed.

If you are current on the lookout for a crane truck for sale that will suit the needs of your project, just give our team at EIE Group a call! We would be only too happy to help.