We Offer A Range of Cranes for Sale in South Africa

Truck-mounted mobile cranes can add a new and exciting dynamic to the trucks in your business. EIE Group offers a variety of truck-mounted mobile cranes for sale in South Africa. These cranes are ideal for a plethora of applications in the commercial and industrial sectors. Penz Crane has solutions for timber and recycling and these mobile cranes can easily be installed on a carrier truck to simplify the loading and unloading process. It will save precious time and money for your business.

Fassi takes a broad approach. They offer an extensive range of truck-mounted mobile cranes that starts with light-duty models and goes all the way to heavy-duty versions. As a result, these cranes can be used in a variety of businesses. Whether you are towing heavy vehicles or simply need another crane on the construction site, Fassi has an answer. EIE Group offers both Penz Crane and Fassi products. Today, we will look at these cranes that we have for sale in South Africa in more detail. We will also discuss some features and specifications.


The Best Truck-Mounted Cranes for Sale in South Africa

Starting with Penz Crane, we look at their L and Z timber ranges that offer suitable solutions for trucks carrying logs from a worksite. These mobile cranes are compact and effective. The 7 L serves as a prime example of the efficiency of the L range. These cranes are specialists in the timber sector and can easily deal with picking up longer logs for transportation. The 7 L has an operating radius of 420˚, usefully extending its work area when working from a stationary vehicle. It has a rated load capacity of between 2070 and 2200 kg.

Moving to Fassi’s cranes, we look at their F80A. This mobile crane falls in their light-duty range. You will hardly notice the weight of this lightweight crane that only adds a small amount of weight to your vehicle. This makes the F80A a valuable addition for flat-bed trucks. This crane has a lifting capacity of 8,3 tm, adding great versatility to flat-bed trucks by giving them the functionality to both load and transport a variety of goods, including small vehicles and heavy pallets.

Penz Crane and Fassi offer quality truck-mounted cranes for sale in South Africa. These cranes are available at EIE Group. They also solve the common problem of having to employ a second vehicle or machine for loading the flatbed or carrier-bed truck. As a result, your transportation vehicle can take care of the loading process itself and cut down on overall costs and transportation times. The benefits are too numerous to ignore.

EIE Group offers a wide variety of lifting equipment solutions for the commercial and industrial sectors. Apart from offering truck-mounted cranes for sale in South Africa, we also offer a complete range of forklifts and other lifting equipment. These include warehouse lifting equipment and forklifts that can handle outdoor applications. Feel free to peruse our website for more details. Choose EIE Group today and let us elevate your business to new heights with quality equipment.