Eqstra Industrial Equipment‘s Emerging Leaders is an inspiring leadership programme for an aspiring group of future leaders.

Gary Neubert CEO of Eqstra Industrial Equipments had the vision of develop his employees and has given them the tools to do so, this is simply a dream come true.

The programme is all about developing the raw potential that we already have within the business, and translate that back into the business, to ensure highly skilled and developed future management. Emerging leaders program equips them with life and interpersonal skills, which we call the “soft skills” a manager requires. We look at it as “feeding the fish” ie. Equipping and grooming future leaders, so that when there is an opportunity where the business is “fishing”, they hook big, healthy fish.

The business has carefully selected through the applicants, put them through vigorous selection processes and tests, to determine the most resilient and suitable candidates for the Emerging Leaders Program.

Congratulations to all that were successful, the hard work begins now.