Flexi Articulated Forklifts

Counterbalanced lift trucks come in an array of designs to suit specific work environments. Forklifts are warehouse material-handling equipment that is commonly used in storage facilities to maximise floor-space usage. These vehicles have tall and narrow bodies to help them easily navigate narrow aisles. The lift forks are usually at the front of the vehicle to maximise visibility and safety for the operator. Flexi delivers a selection of articulated forklifts that extends the basic functionality of the fork.

Manoeuvrability within confined spaces is one of the challenges lift trucks face. Therefore, most feature rear-wheel steering. This allows the rear of the vehicle to steer, as opposed to the front, keeping the fork stable in the process. Flexi’s answer to optimise functionality within confined spaces is the articulated fork. This fork can be steered independently of the vehicle’s steering. Toyota Forklift offers Flexi material-handling equipment for your business. These compact forklifts can maximise the utilisation of floor space in your storage facility.

Flexi VNA articulated forklift

Flexi VNA articulated forklift

The Benefits of Articulated Forklifts

Flexi articulated lift trucks follow a proven recipe in terms of their design and functionality. The independent fork on the VNA model has an articulation range of 230 degrees. The fork also has a stabilising arm to achieve a good lift height. With the narrow and tall body design and articulated fork, this model of material-handling equipment works well in those small spaces. By optimising your floor space, your warehouse can store more goods and you can benefit from a fleet that takes up less space while on the job. The VNA has a lift capacity of 1,35 t to make it a feasible choice for most warehouses.

The Flexi AC 1000 offers a unique solution for low-bay warehouses. These storage facilities do not have the overhead room for reach stacking, so an articulated forklift is necessary to optimise floor space. The AC 1000 can maximise storage density by delivering an economical solution for environments where high lifting is not required. Featuring a more compact approach, its articulated fork adds to the functionality of the forklift, making it an ideal choice in material-handling equipment for low-bay warehouses. The AC 1000 has a maximum lift capacity of 1,7 t.

We also offer the Flexi HiLOAD AC range, increasing the lift capacity to 2,5 t. This range is designed to deliver the benefits of an articulated fork but with an increased capacity. As a result, you can employ a fleet composed of this type of equipment for heavier storage functions. The moving mast allows for easy reach stacking, which increases the storage space in your facility. If you want articulated material-handling equipment that can reach even higher, the HiMAX AC range delivers a reach stacker that can lift to heights of 13 m. In conclusion, our range of Flexi articulated lift trucks has a solution for almost any warehouse.

Toyota Forklift is your supplier of material-handling equipment. We offer an all-inclusive range of internal-combustion and electric-powered forklifts to suit the requirements of your storage facility. For more information on our range of Flexi forklifts, please browse our website for specifications. Choose us today and take your warehouse fleet of articulated lift trucks to the next level.