Forklift Batteries and Chargers

The warehouse and storage facilities of large industrial and commercial businesses need to function smoothly and efficiently at all times. These facilities may be used to store products, pallets, or any other types of materials. It is critical to employ an efficient and reliable fleet of forklifts to run the materials-handling operations at such a facility. Since many storage facilities are indoors to protect the goods from the weather, most lift-truck fleets are powered by batteries. As a result, a reliable charger is required to keep the batteries charged.

Toyota Forklift delivers a sensible selection of lift trucks with different functions for various uses. We also offer a wide selection of top-quality batteries to power these lift trucks. Our range of warehouse material-handling equipment also includes pallet trucks and reach stackers. Therefore, you can have the peace of mind that we can supply an ideal fleet of machinery for your warehouse needs. Today, we will focus on the importance of using electrically powered forklifts for indoor storage facilities. We will also have a look at some of our battery solutions and chargers to keep these machines going.

The Power of Electricity

Any electrically powered vehicle uses batteries and these batteries require a charger to fully charge them before the machine can go back to work. Such machines are commonly used in the industrial sector, since they emit zero exhaust gases. This is critical when working indoors, as an internal combustion engine causes dangerous gases to build up in an enclosed environment. The use of battery-powered, rechargeable vehicle eliminates all these gas emissions at the point of use.

Electricity is, therefore, the only alternative to petrol, diesel, or LPG to power lift trucks that operate indoors. We offer a wide selection of battery-powered forklifts, as well as a sensible choice of Hawker industrial batteries to power them. The Hawker Perfect Plus is a reliable choice in standard industrial batteries for lift trucks. This battery can handle a wide range of applications. Whether it is a light-duty pallet jack or a heavy-duty counterbalanced truck, the Perfect Plus is an ideal choice. This battery offers optimal discharge efficiency as well, which results in extended operating times. Therefore, your industrial battery charger does not have to be called into action at inopportune times.

Batteries have either wet or dry cells, depending on the type of battery used. Wet cells require maintenance in the form of water top-ups, while dry cells have a gel or solid electrolyte. A wet-electrolyte battery is commonly used for industrial applications. As we have mentioned, these batteries require more maintenance than dry-cell batteries, but the Hawker Water Less series minimises the number and frequency of water refills required and intervals can be as long as 13 weeks, depending on charging technology used. In conclusion, if your business needs power solutions for a warehouse material-handling fleet, we can deliver the necessary solutions.

Toyota Forklift specialises in warehouse lifting equipment, batteries, and chargers for these machines. For more information on our available lift trucks and batteries, please browse our website for specifications and digital brochures.