One of the Top Forklift Companies in South Africa

South Africa has a demanding industrial sector, with areas such as Durban and Gauteng playing host to some of the biggest players in the industry. Warehousing is a large part of any industrial company’s operations, giving them a central point for material storage and transportation and putting the pressure on the warehouse to provide practical ways to handle and store material. Therefore, forklift companies in South Africa will supply these warehouses with forklift fleets to ensure that delivered materials are easily transported into the facility and stored safely.

Should you be looking for a comprehensive approach to warehouse fleets and management, Toyota Forklift is a forklift company in South Africa that can provide everything you need to keep the gears turning in your warehouse. With more than enough forklift models to choose from, and a handy fleet management system to control your forklifts, your warehouse will soon run more efficiently, saving you time and money. Today, we will have a closer look at what Toyota Forklift, as a forklift company in South Africa, can offer your company in terms of forklifts and management.

Effective Forklift Management in South Africa

Toyota Forklift offers wide variety of forklifts for sale and hire, including their own brand of warehousing machinery. Toyota’s forklifts include diesel- and electric-powered models, with four ranges to choose from. Should you be looking for quality pallet trucks, Toyota Forklift’s range of BT warehousing equipment offer exactly what you need, with an extensive selection of models to suit your every need. When it comes to articulated forklifts, we also offer a selection of Flexi forklifts, ideal for narrow-aisle operations and excellent manoeuvring capability in confined spaces.

Our selection of Raymond machinery will get you off to a good start, with pallet trucks, turret trucks, and reach stackers to choose from. We also offer the I_Site fleet management system, ideal for managing your fleet of Toyota forklifts. This system gathers information from every vehicle in your fleet and gives you access from a central point, allowing you to optimise the performance and safety of your fleet to run a more cost-effective fleet of forklifts. When it comes to forklift companies in South Africa, EIE Group offers a comprehensive approach to ensure that your work fleet can have the ideal vehicles and be properly managed on a daily basis, giving you the necessary tools to ensure that daily operations run smoothly and efficiently.

For more information, feel free to peruse our website for details and specifications, or contact us directly with any further enquiries.