Four of the Most Important Benefits of Forklifts for Hire in South Africa

It is no secret that the purchase of any heavy machinery such as a forklift will set you back quite a lot of cash, and if your business depends on the type of heavy lifting that can only be provided by forklift on a regular basis, you will know that you cannot afford to be without one. Instead of forking out a huge amount of money and damaging your cash flow by buying a new forklift, why not choose forklift for hire in South Africa? This is by far the most practical way of getting hold of a reliable forklift that can help you get the work done without breaking the bank. Here are some more reasons why you should choose forklift for hire in South Africa instead of purchasing one:

Trained operators: If you choose forklift hire in South Africa, you will usually have the option of getting a trained forklift operator with the forklift. In this country, forklift licensed must be updated regularly and it is essential for forklift operators to be trained and qualified. Training and qualifying your own forklift drivers can be difficult and expensive, and if you can get a fully certified and qualified driver with your rented forklift, you do not have to worry about constant training and updating of licenses.

Maintenance and downtime: Because most suppliers of forklifts for hire in South Africa own these forklifts, they are responsible for the maintenance and servicing of their machinery. This means that you will have access to forklifts that have been fully maintained and in proper working condition. It also means that, if the forklift you booked for hire breaks down, you can request a replacement from the supplier, who will supply one in the place of the faulty one. This reduces downtime, improves productivity, and avoids disruptions.

Hire only when needed: If your business depends on contract projects, you may not need a forklift all the time. If you purchase one, you must ensure that it is stored securely and while it is not needed, it does not earn you any money. If you choose forklift for hire in South Africa, you can rent a forklift for the projects it is needed for and return it to the supplier when it is not needed.

New technology: Because forklift hire is a competitive market, the suppliers of forklifts ensure that they always carry the latest models, which provides you access to the newest technology on the market. If you purchase a forklift, you will have only that model to rely on, and often, as your business grows, you may need added functionality. Choosing forklifts for hire will ensure that you can choose the models and technology that will be most beneficial to your business.

If you are looking for forklifts for hire in South Africa, give our team at EIE Group a call. We have all the latest technology and will ensure that you get the forklift power you need when you need it.