We Offer Forklift Hire and Sales

Industrial machinery can be very expensive to buy but are required for certain tasks within the industrial sector, one of which is handling warehouse materials and storage. Should you be looking for a viable option when it comes to forklift hire and sales, EIE Group offers a wide selection of machinery to choose from, including brands such as Toyota, Flexi, BT, and Raymond. Our range of forklift machinery does not only consist of a wide and comprehensive selection, but also offers specialised designs for specific work-environment implementations.

These include a range of pallet trucks and reach stackers to work with your warehousing fleet, giving you the options you need to optimise you daily work routines within your warehouse. With EIE Group, we can ensure that your work fleet offers some of the best South Africa has to offer regarding forklift hire and sales, whether you choose to buy an entire fleet from us or simply hire them for specific time periods. Today, we will have a brief look at our range and what we can offer your company regarding warehouse material handling.

Effective Forklift Hire and Sales

Starting with one of the most trustworthy brands in the vehicle and machinery manufacturing industries, we offer a wide range of Toyota forklifts for hire and sale. Our Toyota range kicks off with diesel-powered forklifts for outdoor and indoor use, with a selection of cabins to suit specific weather conditions and suspension systems to handle loads with ease. We also offer a wide range of electrically powered forklifts for indoor use in a warehousing setting, optimising running cost and efficiency to save you money.

Should you be looking for an articulated forklift, Flexi offers a proven design that is ideal for narrow aisle and corridor functionality to allow for manoeuvrability where other models might fall short. Our range of Raymond and BT machinery offers a selection of pallet trucks and reach stackers to make life simple within your work environment, resulting in a comprehensive selection of forklifts and other warehouse material-handling machines to choose from. When it comes to forklift hire and sales, EIE Group is your one-stop supplier that can provide almost anything you need to ensure that your warehousing operations are running smoothly and reliably.

EIE Group offers the tools you need to lift your business to new heights and be more effective. For more information, feel free to peruse our website for details and images on these machines, or contact us directly with any enquiries.