How We Approach Forklift Rental

Forklifts are used in storage facilities. These machines have slim and compact body designs to allow for optimal manoeuvrability within confined spaces and narrow aisles. Since warehouses have to maximise their available floorspace, there is not much room for these machines to operate in. Therefore, they need small turning circles for easy handling and open cabins to maximise visibility. However, purchasing these machines outright can be expensive.

Vehicle maintenance and servicing will always fall on the owner. Therefore, the purchasing price of a forklift is not the only expense. Fleet maintenance and management are recurring expenses, as well as repairs. That is why EIE Group offers a feasible solution to businesses. Our forklift-hire rates are flexible and far easier on the cash flow than buying and running your own fleet. Today, we talk about how forklift rental can benefit you.


Forklift Hire Made Easy

Forklift-hire rates will depend on several factors and only two of these are the size of the fleet and period for which your business plans to rent. Fortunately, EIE Group offers flexibility in terms of both. We understand that the year has activity peaks and troughs. As a result, we can increase and reduce your fleet size according to your business’s requirements. We can maximise your fleet’s efficiency with our management solutions and this removes the financial burden of owning and maintaining such a fleet. Leave it in our hands to take care of it all.

We offer a variety of forklifts for hire at competitive rates. With a selection of brands, including Toyota, Flexi, BT, and JCB, you can have the peace of mind that our forklifts can deliver what your business needs on a daily basis. Our selection of Toyota forklifts consists of both outdoor and indoor options. The 8FG is diesel-powered and optimised for outdoor applications. The 8FBRES is an electric stand-in model for fast turnaround times. The 8FBE is a 3-wheeled indoor lift truck that is extremely stable during a lift. Finally, the 8FBN is designed to optimise runtime between charges.

BT offers a range of pallet trucks that can work together with your forklift fleet. With competitive hire rates, your business has several options when hiring industrial warehouse material handlers from EIE Group. Flexi offers articulated reach stackers that have independent forks. This setup allows these machines to easily manoeuvre in narrow aisles and reach to the very top of large goods stacks. JCB sells the Teletruk, which features a side-mounted lift arm for superb forward visibility for the operator. The side arm can be fitted with a myriad of useful attachments to cater to your needs. You are bound to find the right forklift for your work environment at EIE Group.

Our forklift hire rates are eminently reasonable if your business is in need of a quality fleet of machinery for warehouse material handling. For more information on our rates, please contact us today. We have all the brochures and specifications of our available machinery on our website. Choose EIE Group today and take advantage of a comprehensive selection of machines to offer the solutions your business requires.