Forklift Machinery for Sale

We Offer a Wide Range of Forklift Machinery for Sale

Warehouse material-handling equipment can best be described as compact and easy-to-operate lifting equipment for indoor and sometimes outdoor lifting applications. Forklift machinery is some of the most commonly used warehouse material handlers, thanks to the manoeuvrability and versatility of these machines. With small turning circles and a superb ability to negotiate narrow aisles, forklifts are perfect for indoor warehouse operations. Toyota Forklift offers a vast selection of this type of machinery for sale. We feature some of the leading brands in the industry, including our own in-house Toyota brand.

Toyota’s forklift machinery is offered for sale in both fuel- and battery-powered models. The legendary 8FG fuel-powered range is ideal for outdoor use. Powered by internal combustion engines that require no charging, the 8FG series forklifts are not limited to indoor applications. They also feature a chassis setup and tyres that can handle rough terrain. On top of that, the 8FG offers a selection of cabin configurations to deal with a variety of weather conditions. Therefore, if you need outdoor forklift machinery for your business, the 8FG series is a viable option.

We also offer a range of electrically powered forklifts for sale. The 8FBRES series has a simple and elegant design. The cabin is the stand-in type that allows the operator to quickly step in and out of the vehicle. Putting the operator in a standing position during operation also optimises their field of view. The models in this series can handle between 1,4 and 1,6 t in lifting weight. With a turning radius of only 1668 mm, these forklifts are ideal for operating in confined spaces. As a result, they are the ideal lifting machinery for indoor use.

The Toyota 8FBE series offers a 3-wheeled chassis design and is battery-powered. Putting the rear wheels in the centre of the body as opposed to the edges optimises these lift trucks’ balance during operation. The 8FBE20 is the largest option in this range and able to lift 2 t. When it comes to compact forklifts, the 8FBE series offers the quality and durability to excel at a variety of indoor lifting applications. The cabin is comfortable for the operator to spend time in and the layout ensures optimal all-round visibility.

For a different approach to forklift machinery, various interesting 8FBN-series forklifts are offered for sale. This battery-powered 4-wheeled lift-truck range offers long operating times to get the most out of warehouse shifts. The four wheels are on the outermost corners of the chassis, so it is very manoeuvrable and stable. The 8FBN is awash with features to help extend battery life for longer runtimes between charges and eventual battery replacements. In fact, the selection of Toyota forklift machinery that we offer for sale and rent includes a suitable solution for your storage facility too.

Toyota Forklift also houses other brands of forklift machinery for sale to our clients, such as BT, Flexi, and JCB. For more information on these lift trucks, feel free to browse our website for detailed specifications and documentation. Choose Toyota Forklift today and let us lift your business to new heights with our forklift machinery.

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