A Fine Selection of Forklifts

The industrial sector in South Africa uses some of the world’s best-known equipment brands. Like many other local companies, these operations have storage facilities to store products and materials. For these storage facilities to function optimally, they need fleets of forklift machinery. Forklifts are commonly used as industrial lifting equipment with the main purpose of being warehouse material handlers. With their compact and narrow body designs, these machines can comfortably operate within narrow aisles and confined spaces and therefore, they are ideal for the task.

EIE Group offers an extensive range of forklift machinery for sale to the industrial sector in South Africa. Brands include Toyota, JCB, BT, Flexi, and Raymond, with a selection of powertrains and body designs to meet your requirements. Whether these are outdoor models that can withstand a variety of weather conditions, or electric indoor models, we can provide solutions for your warehouse fleet. Toyota is a brand that has earnt the respect of the industrial and commercial industries with their vehicles. Today, we will focus on their forklifts and how these machines can add value to your storage environment.


Toyota Forklift Machinery for Sale

Toyota Forklift manufactures a sensible selection of forklifts to complement any storage environment. The 8 Series features a selection of indoor- and outdoor-orientated models, offering a choice between diesel- or electric-powered models. The diesel-powered 8FG is suited for outdoor usage, as it features a range of cabins to suit different weather conditions. This range of forklift machinery we offer for sale can truly bring a lot of versatility to a construction company’s warehouse operations. With load capacities of up to 8 t and overhead guard heights up to 2,31 m, the 8FG models will deliver the necessary performance as well.

With commercial transport shifting to electrically powered vehicles, the technology for electric motors and batteries has been advancing constantly. Luckily, industry has been using electric lifting equipment for decades. Toyota Forklift’s 8FBRES series delivers a stand-in electric forklift that is fast and easy to operate. This range of warehouse material handlers has narrow bodies to optimise their manoeuvrability through narrow aisles. Their cabins offer a comfortable place for the operator to stand in and easily get on and off the machine.

The 8FBE Series also offers an electric model that is ideal for indoor applications. The chassis has a 3-wheeled design to maximise balance and stability during lifting. When it comes to compact forklifts, the 8FBE is leading the pack. Maximum load capacities go up to 2 t, resulting in a wide range of applications for this machine. If you need forklift machinery that can manoeuvre in narrow spaces quickly, the 8FBE series has what you need. The operator has a comfortable seat with an big window offering excellent visibility from the cabin to optimise safety during operation.

We have a range of forklift machinery for sale. For more information on our selection of warehouse material handlers, feel free to browse our website for details and listed specifications. We also feature other industrial lifting equipment to take your business to new heights. Choose EIE Group today for all your lifting equipment needs.