Flexible Forklift Rental Options

Buying a piece of heavy machinery is a substantial financial commitment. Like when buying a personal car, you are responsible for the vehicle’s upkeep. Within an industrial setting, maintaining machines can be costly. Not only will it cost your company money, but it will also interfere with the work schedule. Therefore, a solution is required that will counter these potential problems of owning a machinery fleet. Warehouses and similar storage facilities use forklifts to handle materials coming in and out of storage. Your company could save a lot by considering forklift rental for these facilities.

EIE Group offers forklift-rental options to suit your company’s requirements. We can expand your fleet over busy periods, so you will have the necessary number of machines to do the work and optimise productivity. During quiet times, we can reduce the fleet size to save your company money. When it comes to maintenance, we take the burden on ourselves to service and maintain your hired fleet. Therefore, you avoid the bother having to deal with it yourself. Today, we will focus on viable indoor and outdoor forklift rental options for your business.


Forklift Rental Made Easy

Toyota Forklift is a featured brand in EIE Group’s line-up of forklift rental options. It enjoys worldwide brand conviction and is a manufacturer of quality commercial and industrial machines. Your company can benefit from their range of forklifts as well; the brand offers a comprehensive selection of warehouse material handlers, along with a forklift-management system that will optimise the fleet’s daily operations. For outdoor applications, we start with the 8FG range.

This range delivers performance and versatility to handle almost any job. The 8FG range consists of a variety of forklifts for companies dealing with construction materials and delivering them on worksites. Not only does this range offer a forklift rental option that is designed for rough terrain, but it also features a selection of cabin configurations to suit different weather conditions. This range can handle lifting capacities of up to 8 t and in terms of versatility, the 8FG has it all. The robust chassis offers optimal stability during lifting, while the cabin delivers a wide field of view for the operator.

If your warehouse needs indoor lifting equipment, the 8FBRES series offers an answer. These forklifts are electrically driven and offers a stand-in cabin for easy mounting. With a narrow body design, these machines offer optimal manoeuvrability in the narrow aisles of your storage facility. Running on electricity, they are ideal for fast turnaround times and indoor applications. With a storage facility handling light- to medium-duty materials, these stand-in models can be the perfect forklift rental solution for your company.

The 8FBN series offer stable and hard-working electric forklifts. Their chassis have a 4-wheeled configuration with the wheels on the corners of the vehicle. This chassis design delivers optimal stability during operation. The cabin features a comfortable seat for the operator, as well as optimal all-round visibility to increase safety. With a small turning radius and low centre of gravity, the 8FBN delivers great manoeuvrability along with versatile applications to deliver a solid choice in forklift rental. Talk to us about your options.