Why You Should Opt for Forklift Rental Instead of Purchase

Operations that are highly dependent on lifting equipment are moving increasingly towards forklift rental instead of purchase. Of course, there are advantages to purchasing a forklift, but in the current economic climate, it is not always possible to secure the financial resources to purchase these expensive pieces of equipment outright. Forklift rental makes a lot of sense, because there are many advantages associated with doing this, and many people are choosing to rent instead of buy nowadays. Consider the following:

Variety: Your needs may change as the business grows. One month you may need an electric forklift for a particular job, and another month you may need a petrol-powered forklift. Renting a forklift instead of purchasing one gives you flexibility and access to the variety of forklifts you need, and you will be able to deal with different situations without any unnecessary stress.

Finances: A forklift is an expensive piece of equipment, and many operations cannot afford to buy them, especially small or medium enterprises. Forklift rental can help to ease the burden of huge upfront expense and allow a business to make use of the equipment it needs without the initial outlay.

Modern equipment: Most forklift rental companies ensure that they always have access to the most recent models on the market. This means that you can take advantage of the most modern and efficient models on the market without having to pay a king’s ransom. If you purchase a forklift, you are more or less stuck with it and when new and more efficient models are launched that could benefit your business, you are not always in a position to take advantage of their availability

Service, maintenance, and repairs: When you rent a forklift, the rental contract will, almost without exception, state that your supplier is responsible for the scheduled services, overall maintenance, and any repairs that are necessary. One of the best things about this is that you do not have to worry about unexpected charges and, if your rental forklift breaks down, your rental company will provide you with another forklift while it is being repaired. This means that you will not suffer any downtime while waiting for equipment to be fixed! It also helps to know that suppliers of forklift rentals will usually service and test equipment before renting it out, which means that you will have fully functional machinery at your disposal when renting.

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