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Forklifts are designed to be warehouse material handlers. With their compact bodies, they can easily navigate through narrow storage aisles and confined spaces. Their counterbalanced bodies also allow for stable lifting and transporting of materials and pallets in the storage facility. With efficiency in mind, most of these lift trucks run on electric power instead of fuel. This eliminates harmful emissions indoors and allows for cost-effective operation in the long term. At Toyota Forklift, we pride ourselves on quality forklift sales to our customers.

Our range of forklifts include a variety of brands. These brands consist of Flexi, Raymond, JCB, and BT warehouse material handlers, added to our own in-house brand of forklifts. Our selection covers counterbalanced trucks, reach stackers, articulated forklifts, and pallet trucks, to give our customers a spectrum of choices. We also offer flexible forklift rental along with our forklift sales, allowing businesses to enjoy the benefit of a productive forklift fleet without the risks of ownership. Today, we will focus on our own brand of forklifts that we have for sale.


Toyota Forklift’s Selection

At Toyota Forklift, we understand that every storage facility requires a unique approach to maximise its daily efficiency. Therefore, we offer a range of different designs and applications with each series of lift truck. We start with our 8FG diesel-powered range. This material handler is designed for outdoor applications. With a wide selection of cabin options to suit different weather conditions and a chassis that can handle rough terrain, the 8FG is built for the outdoors. This range features excellent load capacities and is ready for any job.

To maximise indoor applications, we move to our selection of electric forklifts. The sales numbers of electric forklifts reflect their popularity. This is because of the fast turnaround times of these machines, not to mention zero exhaust emissions. Our selection begins with the 8FBRES stand-in lift truck. The cabin allows for an easily mountable stand-in position for the operator, with an excellent field of visibility. These trucks can handle load capacities of up to 1600 kg and are ideal for light- to medium-duty applications in your storage facility.

We also offer our 8FBE series, featuring a 3-wheeled chassis design to maximise stability during lifting. The 8FBE delivers a wide operation range and leads the way for compact lift trucks in the industry. Its manoeuvrability allows this forklift to whisk through narrow sections and tight spaces. With small turning circles and impressive lifting capacities, the versatile 8FBE is an ideal choice for any type of storage facility. This range offers five models to choose from, catering to your specific needs. For a more robust approach, our 8FBN series offers you a 4-wheeled forklift that can handle slightly heavier loads than the 8FBE series.

Toyota Forklift offers a wide selection of warehouse material handlers for your business. We pride ourselves on all our forklift sales, as we deliver quality machinery for your storage facility. For more information on our selection of lift trucks, feel free to contact Toyota Forklift today.

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