Forklift Hire Solutions

Buying a vehicle will always be a long-term financial commitment that can end up costing the buyer much more than originally anticipated when other factors such as maintenance and repairs are reckoned into the overall price and calculated into the time it takes to completely pay off the vehicle. The same principle applies to acquiring industrial lifting equipment for your business, with this type of specialist machinery requiring a substantial financial commitment. This is where EIE Group offers a viable solution for acquiring quality lifting equipment for your work environment by offering a range of forklifts for hire, so you can avoid large financial obligations that might come back and haunt your business in the long run.

Our selection of forklifts available for hire include models from various manufacturers, like Toyota Forklift, BT, Flexi, and JCB. Models include diesel- and LPG-powered choices, along with electrically powered forklifts and articulated designs for a comprehensive selection of industrial machinery that can make heavy lifting in confined spaces easy in your work environment, without having to make any large financial commitments to obtain these machines. Today, we will have a closer look at the selection of forklifts we have for hire and how it can benefit your company to hire a fleet.

Starting with the basics, it makes financial sense to hire a fleet of forklifts for a set amount of time to be used in your daily work routines. EIE Group offers a comprehensive selection to ensure that you can get the ideal models for your requirements, with the Toyota forklifts we have for hire including electric, as well as diesel- and LPG-powered models. Should you need models that can handle narrow-aisle operations, the models from Flexi will get you there, with articulated designs to allow for independent fork rotation that will make life easier within narrow corridors and cramped spaces.

We also offer a selection of pallet trucks to deal with large warehouse material pallets safely in your warehouse. Should you be looking for an unconventional approach to forklifts, our JCB Teletruk range offers increased levels of visibility thanks to a lifting arm that is attached to the side of the vehicle as opposed to a fork being fitted directly in front of the operating cabin. Our range of JCB Teletruks has three models, kicking off with the TLT25D. This machine has a maximum lifting capacity of 1400 kg at a 2-m reach, with an overall maximum lift capacity of 2500 kg to ensure that you can easily lift and move heavy loads in the warehouse. The range scales up to the TLT35D, offering a maximum lift capacity of 2100 kg at a 2-m reach, and 3500 kg overall, with a maximum lift height of 4,4 m to make this model if you are looking for forklifts for hire from our range of JCB Teletruks.

EIE Group offers viable solutions in terms of forklifts for hire in South Africa. For more information on all our available models, feel free to peruse our website for images and detailed specifications on individual models, or contact us directly with enquiries. Choose EIE Group today and take advantage of our industrial solutions for your business.