Forklifts for Sale in South Africa

Toyota Forklift Has A Range of Forklifts for Sale in South Africa

Forklifts are used as warehouse material-handling equipment across South Africa and the rest of the world. These machines are compact lifting equipment with narrow bodies and stable chassis designs. These basic features grant them incredible manoeuvrability and agility in the narrow aisles and confined spaces typical of a warehouse or similar storage facility. Storage facilities are mostly indoors, where fuel-driven machinery is not a good idea because of the harmful exhaust gases that they emit.

Luckily, the power of electricity has been part of the basic design of indoor forklifts for years. Few electric passenger cars might be for sale in South Africa, but battery-powered forklifts are commonplace. Toyota Forklift offers an extensive range of lift trucks for sale for the warehouse environment. We offer several brands, including BT, Flexi, HCB, and our own Toyota brand. Today, we will highlight some of the viable options for warehouse-handling equipment that we offer both for sale and for rent to our clients.


An All-Encompassing Selection

Although most storage facilities are indoors, some businesses require lifting equipment for outdoor use as well. Construction companies typically use forklifts that can handle rough terrain and are suitable for outdoor use. Toyota Forklift offers the 8FG series of fuel-powered (petrol and diesel) forklifts for sale. This range of forklifts features rough-terrain tyres and a chassis design that can handle uneven surfaces. A selection of cabins is also available, suitable for different weather conditions. With diesel and petrol engines powering these forklifts, they never have to be charged, just fill them up with fuel and they can get to work.

Electricity is a more efficient source of energy and even electric passenger cars are nowadays for sale in South Africa, even though our infrastructure does not yet make them practical enough. Although electric passenger vehicles are still a new thing locally, electric forklifts have been on the market for decades. Having a battery and electric motor to power a forklift eliminates any harmful tailpipe emissions, which is critically important indoors. They are ideal as warehouse material handlers and we offer a range of them for sale in South Africa. Simply charge their batteries overnight and they will be ready for the day’s work the following morning.

The Flexi brand offers narrow-aisle articulated forklifts for sale in South Africa and BT offers a range of electric pallet trucks as well. Toyota’s range of electric forklifts features more than enough viable options too, with three ranges of electric lift trucks to choose from. The 8FBRES series is a stand-in forklift that is ideal for quick and easy lifting. The operator has an excellent field of view from a standing position. The 8FBE offers a 3-wheeled design, while the 8FBN offers a longer operating time on a single charge.

Regardless of which type of lifting equipment will suit your storage facility best, Toyota Forklift will have a forklift for sale that will be ideal for your requirements. We sell Toyota, Flexi, BT, Raymond, and Link-Belt machinery in South Africa and for more information on our wide selection of forklifts, please peruse our website for specifications and official documentation and brochures.

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