The Importance of Forklift Services and Maintenance

Warehouse material handlers include a range of machinery such as forklifts, pallet trucks, and reach stackers, to only name a few. These machines are typically powered by batteries. However, like all machines, they need regular services and maintenance to deliver optimal performance for your business. As with your car, these machines wear out certain parts that have to be replaced; tyres and battery cells are just two examples.

Being powered by a battery, an electric forklift has an electric motor that powers it and not an internal-combustion engine running on petrol or diesel that is burnt to generate power – and noxious exhaust emissions. A wet-cell battery, on the other hand, generates power from the electrolyte in the cells to deliver it to the various parts of the machine. Therefore, proper maintenance and a service of the battery and powered parts every now and again according to the manufacturer’s schedule are required to keep them in optimal condition.

Your Holistic Solution to Warehouse Material Handlers

We offer a selection of warehouse material handlers from leading brands in the industry. We also offer battery solutions for battery-powered machinery and we can be of assistance when it comes to the services and maintenance of these machines. It can be challenging to locate spare parts for forklifts. As it is only a matter of time before one of your machines requires some or other part to keep going, we offer various solutions that can ensure that you have a feasible option when something goes wrong with your equipment and it needs attention.

Most vehicles have a regular schedule for services and maintenance. Recurring services usually happen yearly for passenger cars. However, forklifts are industrial machines that work differently to cars. For example, their “mileage” is not measured in kilometres, but in the number of hours that they have worked. As a business, you want efficient solutions for your entire fleet of material-handling machines. When it comes to your warehouse equipment, we are that solution for your business. Apart from offering varied choices in terms of warehouse machinery and industrial batteries, we also offer rental options and fleet-management systems.

When renting a fleet of forklifts from us, the services and maintenance of those machines are our responsibility. Since you do not own them, you are not liable for their upkeep but only for damage caused on the job. We take care of their recurring services, ensuring that the maintenance is done properly and through the correct channels according to the manufacturer’s schedule. Therefore, your fleet will perform at optimal levels throughout the year. All you need to do is keep up with your rental payments and ensure that the fleet is in good hands and run by competent operators.

Toyota Forklift is your supplier of warehouse material handlers and everything that goes along with them. We offer a selection of forklifts, pallet trucks, and reach stackers. We also offer service and maintenance solutions for them, as well as industrial wet-cell batteries to power them. For more on how we can elevate your business with our professional solutions, please browse our website for details.