With more than 65 years servicing the global industry, Hako, a Best-in-Class Brand distributed by Eqstra Industrial Equipment (“EIE”), offers the market the ideal industrial cleaning solution across a range of applications from warehousing and municipal through to manufacturing. Its comprehensive suite of indoor and outdoor cleaning, comprising both sweepers and scrubber-driers, and grounds maintenance equipment, have been developed with a focus on cleaning performance, economic efficiency and environmental and user friendliness – all factors that are indispensable to the modern cleaning operation.

Offering both ride-on and walk-behind sweepers, the Hako vacuum sweepers marketed by EIE are driven by either electric or combustion engines, with a manually operated version also available. The ride-on machines range from the compact Sweepmaster B/P900 R , offering a minimal turning circle for confined spaces, through to the heavy duty Sweepmaster B/P900 R. With a 600 l/500 kg capacity dirt hopper, this machine gives almost 25,000 m² cleanliness per hour. Ride-on machines are generally selected for larger areas and longer operating times, with models available that are equipped with comfortable cabins to protect the operator working outdoor all year round.

The walk-behind models include the battery or petrol engine Sweepmaster B/P800 , which offers superior sweeping results both with fine sand and large particles, and the effective manual sweeper, the Profi Flipper.  Hand-pushed by the operator, the walk-behind models are especially suitable for small and confined areas, as a result of their high maneuverability and small dimensions.

Hakomatic scrubber driers range from the hand-operated scrubber-drier (B70) to the Hakomatic 1800 V/LPG, a combined vacuum sweeper/scrubber-drier for use in tough multiple-shift applications, both indoors and outdoors.

Having built the first vacuum sweeper in 1961 and the first automatic scrubber-drier in 1975, Hako’s ongoing technology innovation and holistic design approach have been a hallmark of its brand. For example, with Hako machines economic efficiency considerations are not limited to the capital cost of the equipment, but cover the complete machine lifetime costs, including maintenance and personnel requirements. In addition, the wide range of models enables the industry to select the right machine for specific, individual requirements, including the size of the area to be cleaned, on site conditions such as drive-through widths, indoor/outdoor employment, cramped and restricted areas or the type and degree of soiling. Too small machines may result in too many transport trips to empty the hopper and subsequent downtimes, while an over-dimensioned machine results in procurement costs that are too high in relation to the cleaning performance required.

The ergonomics of Hako’s technology are also inextricably linked to the overall economic efficiency as the comfortable, easy-to-operate machines increase user acceptance. Close attention has been paid to components such as the seats, an optimal view onto the working area, simple operating elements such as the levers and pedals arranged within easy reach, self-explaining buttons, the squeegee positioning and ease of access to all parts/sections of the machine that require regular checking by the operator. The electronic control systems of both the walk-behind and ride-on cleaning machines means that the driver no longer needs to handle various switches, levers and buttons, but can control all the functions of the machine with a single button.

Hako also considers environmental aspects at the early stages of development with its products in strict compliance with ecological requirements and international exhaust emission standards. Innovative environmental-friendly features include the Hako AquaControl, which saves up to 50% on water and cleaning aids while increasing the period of operation. Hako Chemical on Demand ensures that chemicals are only used when absolutely necessary, while the Hako AquaForce enables many applications to be carried out chemical-free.


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