Industrial Batteries for Forklifts

Most storage facilities are large warehouse buildings with open-floor layouts and tall roofs. This allows for the use of forklifts and other lifting equipment inside the facility. However, if these machines are powered by internal combustion engines running on diesel or petrol, they will emit noxious exhaust emissions, which are a danger to the people in such an environment. These gases get trapped in an enclosed space, which can be a huge health risk. Therefore, electric machines are used indoors instead.

However, electric lifting equipment needs industrial-grade batteries that can be recharged many times and used daily. Hawker is a manufacturer of such batteries and we can supply them to your business. Wet cells are typically used for rechargeable packs, which involves maintenance in the form of keeping those cells topped up with battery fluid. Hawker addresses this problem with its range of Water Less options. They also offer other options for specific functions for your fleet of electrically powered lifting equipment.

Delivering the Power

Forklifts with internal-combustion engines have the advantage of only needing fuel to work. There is no recharging process or exchanging of industrial batteries. Therefore, it is crucial that the electricity to power an electric lift truck comes from a trustworthy and reliable source. Hawker’s selection offers exactly that for your fleet. With various ranges to choose from, we offer a sensible selection that caters to different applications in terms of your machinery. The Perfect Plus is the ideal all-round choice for lift trucks. This choice delivers better efficiency when discharging, which translates into a longer life.

An industrial battery comprises several cell boxes that store the wet cells. Each cell box has a set of plates that holds the charge. These plates are being charged and discharged, serving as a source of power. By using top-quality materials to manufacture the positive plates for these cells, Hawker offers the Perfect Plus as a reliable and efficient option for a wide range of applications. The plate sizes are also optimised to best fit the cell boxes and use up all the available space within the layout. As a result, the Perfect Plus range is at the forefront of technology and performs extremely well.

IRONCLAD is another range of industrial batteries from Hawker, featuring a square-box design as opposed to a rectangular design of the Perfect Plus. IRONCLAD can maintain higher average voltages for forklift applications in comparison to other types of battery packs. In basic terms, higher voltages will deliver the power faster to the respective components. Therefore, the drive and lift speeds of electric forklifts will see a slight increase when using the IRONCLAD. Higher voltages also equate to a lower current drawn from the cells. This increases overall operating times and extends the life of the cells.

Toyota Forklift is your supplier of warehouse material-handling equipment, as well as the industrial batteries to power them. For more information on our range of Hawker products, please peruse our website for specifications and digital brochures. Choose us as your comprehensive supplier of warehouse lift trucks and elevate your business with quality equipment.