Hawker Batteries from Toyota Forklift

Electrically operated machinery is a common sight in the industrial sector. Warehouse material-handling equipment such as forklifts and pallet trucks serve as a great example. Handling warehouse materials requires compact and nimble machines that can manoeuvre in confined spaces. Forklifts are designed for reaching, stacking, and moving around in these spaces. Therefore, it makes sense to power them with electricity instead of fuel. Toyota Forklift specialises in warehouse material-handling equipment. We can provide useful solutions for your storage facility, including a range of batteries from Hawker®.

Hawker® offers a specialised range of forklift batteries that offer reliability and sustainability. These batteries are aimed at increasing the overall runtime of your machinery and decreasing charge times. With a service life that ranges between 1200 and 1500 cycles, you have the peace of mind that the batteries will withstand the test of time. Toyota Forklift also offers electric forklifts. The 8 series offers stand-in, 3-wheeled, and 4-wheeled models to suit your warehouse requirements. Today, we will focus on the Hawker® Perfect Plus™ battery and the benefits it offers your work fleet.


The Hawker® Perfect Plus™

Hawker’s EnerSys® range delivers a selection of batteries for your electric forklifts. The modular charger on the Perfect Plus™ greatly reduces battery maintenance. This reduces water and labour costs maintaining the batteries and keeps your fleet powered. The cells in the Hawker® Perfect Plus™ battery use tubular vented technology. This technology increases efficiency and sets this battery apart from most others. The terminals also feature a special design that prevents any electrolyte from leaking from the cells. As a result, the battery has an increased range.

Hawker® batteries are designed for material-handling equipment that include counterbalanced trucks, reach trucks, pallet trucks, and order pickers. These batteries offer versatility along with reliability and the average life expectancy of a Perfect Plus™ battery is rated at 1500 cycles. Therefore, they can sustain performance over longer periods before needing replacement. With increased cell capacities without having to increase the dimensions of the battery, the benefits speak for themselves. The Perfect Plus™ has a recharge time of between eight and 12 hours, giving these batteries excellent turnaround times.

The Hawker® Perfect Plus™ is available as a standard battery and with electrolyte mixing. The standard model is compatible with normal and heavy-duty applications. With electrolyte mixing added to the battery, the possible applications are almost endless. Heavy-duty operations with these batteries allow for single- and multi-shift functionality. Therefore, your work fleet can run for longer shift periods without battery changes, and at higher ambient temperatures without having to be concerned about increased discharge rates. In conclusion, the Hawker® Perfect Plus™ battery is an ideal option for your warehouse material-handling equipment. This battery is versatile and can power a variety of different machines.

Toyota Forklift offers a large selection of warehouse material-handling lifting equipment, along with several complimentary solutions for your business. For more information on our selection of Hawker® batteries, feel free to peruse our website for details. Choose Toyota Forklift today and let us supply your business with a range of lifting equipment and solutions.

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