Hawker Industrial Batteries

Since mankind discovered how to harness electricity, it became a large part of technological development. Electricity powers an electric vehicle’s motors, many types of power tools, and even the element on a household kettle. With the flow of electricity, energy can be created, stored, released, and transferred. For example, a large dam can generate vast amounts of kinetic energy when the water is released and rushes through the water tunnels. This kinetic energy can be transferred into electricity through using electric motors that are driven by physical moving energy – the water.

When we look at the industrial sector, electricity has made a huge difference to its daily operations. Fleets of vehicles are powered by electricity. Many businesses use electric forklifts for their warehouses as well. Almost any heavy-duty piece of machinery uses electricity to operate. Therefore, it is vital to have the necessary equipment to provide the necessary electricity. Hawker is an industrial battery manufacturer that supplies quality truck batteries for the industry. Today, we will delve into some detail on these batteries.


Industrial Power Solutions

EIE Group offers a variety of batteries and battery packs to meet your business’s requirements for industrial power. Keeping your work fleet going throughout their shifts keeps your business afloat. Therefore, it is pivotal to have the required power solutions for when you need them. The municipal supply of electricity in South Africa is unreliable, which poses a problem to electrically powered machinery. Since almost every piece of mechanical engineering need electricity to function, this hugely affects industrial business.

Hawker’s industrial power solutions will keep your vehicles going with enough power to get to the end of their shifts. Rechargeable industrial batteries offer extended operation and longer lifecycles before they need to be replaced. A battery’s lifecycle refers to the time it goes from fully charged to completely flat. Regular commercial rechargeable batteries have an estimated battery lifecycle of about 200 to 400 cycles. Industrial batteries, such as the ones from Hawker, offer estimated life spans of up to 1500 cycles. As a result, these batteries offer durability and can sustain their power for much longer, making them ideal for heavy-duty applications.

Industrial work fleets do not use regular vehicles. Industrial vehicles have added equipment and accessories such as truck-mounted cranes or hook lifts attached to them. Therefore, they need larger battery packs to power these accessories. Hawker understands the demands of the industrial truck, which can be seen in the performance of their batteries. Their battery packs are adaptable to most industrial trucks. Some of them also offer specified charging intervals, so you can plan work schedules. As a result, when you choose a Hawker battery pack for your industrial truck, you can reap the benefits every time you use the vehicle.

Industrial power is only one of the many solutions we offer at EIE Group. We also offer a wide selection of industrial machinery and lifting equipment to give your business the edge. Please browse our website for specifications on these batteries from Hawker, or any other product you are interested in. Choose EIE Group and we will supply your business with its competitive edge.