We Sell Heavy-Duty Forklifts

When it comes to warehouse material-handling equipment, the common forklift typically has between 1 and 2 t of lifting capacity. The reason for this is the design of the vehicle, which is compact and optimised for operating in confined spaces. Various designs are available for specific functions within storage environments. Toyota Forklift has a variety of lift trucks for sale, including heavy-duty forklifts. These counterbalanced trucks have increased capacity for heavier material pallets. We also offer container-handling models for heavy lifting.

Most storage facilities are indoors, leading to most of these machines being battery-powered. These trucks are perfect for such an environment, as they emit no exhaust gases and offer a cost-effective solution. However, some industries need heavy-duty or rough-terrain counterbalanced trucks to get the job done. We are in the business of forklift sales, with a comprehensive selection that ensures that our clients can acquire a suitable fleet for their business needs. We also offer fleet-management systems that can optimise productivity, safety, and efficiency for your lift trucks.

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Our Selection of Heavy-Duty Equipment

Reach stackers are designed with heavy-duty lift arms to achieve a high reach. These machines can maximise a warehouse’s utilisation of floor space for a more efficient solution. The Flexi HiLOAD range features an articulated design with independent steering. This range has a capacity of 2,5 t to distinguish itself from other rivals in its class. With an increased capacity, such a reach stacker can be a very useful addition to your warehouse fleet. Heavy-duty applications usually also require outdoor ability. We handle Toyota forklift sales as well, offering a healthy selection of our in-house brand of lift trucks.

Our internal-combustion range includes the Toyota 8 FG/FD series. This is a range of robust material-handling equipment. Diesel or petrol powers their internal combustion engines, dependent on the model, so these are intended for outdoor operation. Their chassis and all-terrain tyres allow for rough-terrain operation as well. In combination with a wide selection of cabins to suit different weather conditions, the 8 FG/FD range is a heavy-duty lift truck with versatility on its side. Being in material-handler sales, we also offer a solution for container handling with our Konecranes range.

Container handling is a key element of importing and exporting shipping docks. With the range of heavy-duty Konecranes forklifts that we offer for sale, you can maximise the efficiency of container stacking and recycling. These lift trucks are different from the regular warehouse material handlers. Their wide and heavy-duty bodies serve to counterbalance their impressive lift feats. We offer a reach stacker, a container lift truck, and a forklift in this category. Konecranes also offers a smart management system that gathers useful data on every truck in your fleet. This digital platform can be used to optimise your fleet routes, safety, and overall productivity. As a result, you will have a fleet that runs smoothly, with optimised turnaround times.

Toyota Forklift is your supplier of heavy-duty material handlers. For more info on our available machines, please browse our website. If your business needs professionals in the field of material-handler sales, choose us today and elevate your business to new heights.