Versatile Industrial and Materials-Handling Equipment for Your Business

When it comes to high-quality industrial or materials-handling equipment, versatility and durability are important considerations when trying to decide what equipment to buy for your business. Design constraints are also a factor when looking at a range of materials-handling equipment, as electrically powered machines are usually intended for indoor use and thus may have some limitations compared to diesel or LPG models. Should you be looking for a supplier that deals in high-quality industrial or materials-handling equipment, EIE Group offers a range of solutions for the industrial and commercial sectors, with more than enough options to deliver versatile machines that can go beyond regular warehousing operations and a fleet-management system to optimise the materials-handling equipment at your warehouse.

As mentioned before, these machines’ functionality is determined by their design and power output, and some offer a very versatile approach, with unique designs and features to get several types of jobs done, no matter the weather conditions or the terrain. Today, we will focus on two specific ranges of high-quality industrial materials-handling equipment featured in EIE Group’s selection of machinery for sale, displaying their functionality and how the right models can take your business to new heights.


Versatility and Functionality

EIE Group offers a host of brands when it comes high-quality industrial and materials-handling equipment, including Toyota Forklift’s Tonero series and JCB’s Teletruk series. Each of these ranges have their own unique designs and capabilities to deliver ample versatility and functionality within the industrial work environment, starting with the impressive Tonero series. As a vehicle manufacturer, Toyota designs and manufactures high-quality vehicles and engines that stand the test of time, which is also the case with their Tonero series of industrial materials-handling equipment. These counterbalanced diesel- or LPG-powered trucks have a wide selection of cabin options for any weather condition and can easily operate in confined spaces in an indoor setting, yet quickly adapt to the outdoors with specific cabins configurations available.

Moving on to the JCB Teletruk range, we find a selection of durable and reliable counterbalanced trucks that feature a side-mounted boom with interchangeable attachments to not only easily adapt to your work setting, but also offer a host of useful functions. These models can be had with diesel or LPG power, with a choice of 2WD and 4WD options to allow for outdoor use. The 4WD models are very versatile and can easily traverse gravelly and muddy surfaces, making them ideal for outdoor applications.

As a result, when you are shopping for high-quality industrial or materials-handling equipment, EIE Group has everything that you need to fill your work fleet with versatile and durable machines to take care of any job thrown their way, with a wide array of uses for the Tonero and Teletruk series models, thanks to their incredible versatility and unique abilities within the industrial workspace.

EIE Group offers wide range of solutions in term of high-quality industrial and materials-handling equipment. For more information on our range of machinery, peruse our website for detailed specifications or contact us directly with any further enquiries.