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We Offer Flexible Forklift-Hire Options

Forklifts are popular materials handlers that are available in a myriad of designs. Other material handlers include pallet trucks and articulated lift trucks, to name only two. Of course, these machines need a source of power to operate. Since most storage facilities are indoors, conventional internal combustion engines cannot be used to power such forklifts, because of the harmful exhaust gases they emit. Therefore, Toyota Forklift offers a selection of electric (battery-powered) machinery for hire at reasonable rates.

Buying industrial machinery outright can be worthwhile for some commercial and industrial companies, but owning the machinery is accompanied by many additional expenses. Besides the expense of buying them, they will require continued maintenance, not to speak about repairs when they are damaged or break down. Forklift hire can be a more affordable option for your business. With Toyota Forklift at your side, it is a more sensible option for several good reasons.


Sensible Forklift Hire

All medium to large storage facilities require forklifts and have to buy or otherwise hire them. Whether you have a conventional warehouse or an outdoor storage facility, perhaps for your construction materials, Toyota Forklift has the ideal lift truck for you. Construction companies have to store heavy construction material pallets for their upcoming building projects. Therefore, they need forklifts for hire that can handle these loads outdoors. This is where Toyota’s own 8FG range is the answer. With petrol or diesel power, the 8FG range of forklifts is specifically designed for outdoor use. The range features all-terrain tyres and a chassis built for negotiating uneven terrain. A selection of cabin configurations is available to suit a variety of weather conditions.

If you need indoor options, we also offer a selection of electrically powered lift trucks for hire. The 8FBRES series is a stand-in design for optimal visibility and quick mounting and dismounting. The 8FBE is optimised for heavy lifting, with a 3-wheeled design for optimal stability. Finally, in our 8FBN series, we offer a 4-wheeled forklift that maximises battery runtime to obviate the need for constant charging.

Toyota Forklift offers an all-encompassing offering for businesses in need of forklift-hire solutions. We can take care of fleet supply, management, and maintenance to ensure maximum productivity, giving you the freedom to focus on core business aspects. During busy periods, we can increase your fleet size to meet these peak-time requirements. When business is quiet, we will decrease your fleet accordingly, so you always have the right number of machines. With the I_Site fleet-management system, we can help you optimise and monitor your entire fleet throughout their shifts. As you can see, your business will benefit from Toyota Forklift’s hire options.

Whether you need a hardy outdoor lift truck or a nimble indoor material handler, we can deliver the necessary fleet for your storage facility. For more information on our forklifts for hire, please browse our website. If you need more details on our forklift-hire solutions, you can contact us directly with any further questions. Choose Toyota Forklift today and let your business benefit from our forklift-hire solutions.

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