Cleaning is one of the most important aspects of running a safe industrial work environment. Whether it is a workshop, a manufacturing plant, or a storage facility, you will need the appropriate machinery to sweep and scrub the floors after a day’s work. Work efficiency and safety often rely on it. At Toyota Forklift, our focus is on warehouse material-handling equipment such as forklifts, reach stackers, and pallet trucks but we also sell scrubber driers and sweepers to ensure that you can take care of dirty floors after a long day.

Many industrial businesses use heavy machinery in workshops and manufacturing plants. Lathes spread metal filings all over the floors all day long and open grinders and vice tables also generate their fair share of waste that needs cleaning up afterwards. Although a mop and a broom work well enough in smaller areas, large facilities need something that can cover larger areas in a short time. Therefore, we offer a selection of equipment that minimises the time required for washing the floors while being far more effective than mops and brooms.

PowerBoss Nautilus scrubber sweeper

Cleaning the Floors

Facilities that use indoor vehicles, such as warehouses, require a clean floor for machinery such as forklifts and pallet trucks to operate on. A dirty floor is a hazard in the work environment and debris can cause accidents. Liquid spills can also be unnecessary safety and health hazards. This leads us back to the importance of keeping your floors in excellent condition. To achieve this feat, businesses buy floor sweepers to clear up the debris left on the surface and remove it for the following day’s work.

Our selection of industrial cleaning machinery kicks off with scrubber driers. They are designed to scrub stubborn dirt and grime from floors and surfaces. They are also ideal for washing cement surfaces with liquids and drying them afterwards. We offer a walk-behind and ride-on variant to suit the needs of your business. If you only need a sweeper in your facility, we also have those. Sweepers can take care of large areas to save time when clearing up filings from the floor. They can also save lots of time and effort compared to employees sweeping floors manually. We offer these in walk-behind or ride-on models as well.

When working in a workshop, or any other similar industrial environment, you must follow the rules. These are in place to ensure that the workplace is safe and clean when using the machinery. Cleaning is one of the most crucial aspects of a safe work environment; however, many businesses do not have an effective cleaning approach or strategy. With us as your supplier of the right equipment, you can have the peace of mind that your facility’s floors will be in immaculate condition in no time. And you can keep them that way.

Toyota Forklift goes beyond offering warehouse material handling equipment to our clients. We also offer a selection of industrial cleaning machinery to ensure that you can keep the workplace clean. For more information on these, please browse our website for specifications. Let us be your supplier and rise to the top with quality equipment on your side.