Quality Industrial Cleaners

Having a whole selection of industrial cleaning machines at your disposal is always a good call for businesses with large buildings such as warehouses and workshops. These huge floor areas of these places can be a nightmare – and very time-consuming – to clean. Luckily, industrial-grade cleaning equipment can speed up the process and deliver better results. Toyota Forklift offers a selection of these machines for your business.

In an industrial work environment, cleanliness is extremely important and should be part of the daily routine. Workshops tend to end up with various types of debris on the floor after a long day. Sawdust and filings are commonly scattered about, which can create a hazardous environment if not cleaned regularly. Therefore, using industrial cleaning machines to get rid of all types of debris is of benefit to both the business and its employees. Today, we will discuss the importance of regular industrial cleaning procedures and how our selection of industrial cleaners can deliver the solutions your business needs.

Floor Cleaning

Within an industrial setting, a clean floor is a must for everyone working in the building. Warehouses have forklift fleets that need unobstructed and clean floor space to drive on. If debris covers the floor, no machine that has to move about can do its job properly. The same applies to employees criss-crossing the floor all day long. Workshops can be hazardous and dangerous when the floor is not cleaned daily. Sawdust and filings are flammable, and gas welders that operate with open gas flames can start fires. It is a recipe for disaster.

Our selection of walk-behind scrubber-driers can assist in cleaning floor areas fast and efficiently. The Scrubmaster B3 is an excellent example of a basic and effective machine that can perform industrial cleaning duties. The B3 is designed to operate in hard-to-reach places as well, leaving no dirt to chance. This machine is of lightweight construction and has a collapsible tie bar to minimise its footprint during storage. It is very easy to transport and fits in the boot of most cars. Its scrubber-drier functionality will leave a paved floor sparkling clean and ready for another day of hard work.

If you need a bigger solution, the Scrubmaster B12 tackles larger areas to speed up the process of cleaning floors. This walk-behind cleaner is compact in design, making it easy to transport. It features a plate-brush head that protrudes to both sides of the machine to cover a larger area. It also makes it possible to clean close to edges, which saves a lot of time. Designed for smooth, hard floors, the Scrubmaster B12 is a solid choice in industrial cleaning machines for your workshop. Our range expands on these models to give you an all-inclusive selection when it comes to scrubber-driers for smooth floors in an industrial setting.

Toyota Forklift is a specialist in industrial lifting and cleaning equipment. We offer quality industrial machinery that can take your business to the next level of operating efficiency. For more information on our range of cleaners and lift trucks, please browse the relevant pages on our website for specifications.