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We offer new equipment, rental options (short and long term), value add service (maintenance and parts) and pre-owned equipment across our Industrial Power range of products.

We offer new equipment, rental options (short and long term), value add service (maintenance and parts) and pre-owned equipment across our Industrial Power range of products.

Industrial Power Division

Industrial Power provides power solutions from prominent brands such as Hawker, including new and used batteries (including standards, extra performance maintenance-free, and lithium-ion and specialist solutions), chargers and power systems.


As a leading supplier of industrial power and battery products, Hawker is committed to providing cost-effective longevity to not only meet but exceed its customers’ requirements and expectations.

Discover our range of standard, extra-performance, maintenance-free and special batteries.

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Technologically-advanced lithium-ion solutions last longer, allowing the customer to operate multiple shifts on a single battery charge. This means the equipment is able to operate longer, increasing job-site productivity. Find out more about our Lithium-ion batteries.

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Industrial Power from EIE Group

The industrial sector plays host to some of the most powerful and innovative machinery on earth. These machines range from electrically powered warehouse forklifts to large, heavy-duty mobile cranes. With a spectrum of different businesses in the industry comes the need for a spectrum of industrial vehicles. These vehicles are purpose-built to accomplish industrial tasks such as heavy lifting, earthmoving, and the transportation of equipment. As a result, they need ample industrial power to operate.

Industrial power goes beyond choosing the ideal brand of battery for your machinery. A couple of other determining factors should also be considered. Battery life, for instance, will influence the cost-efficiency of running specific batteries. Lifecycles will also require consideration. For smaller electric machinery, you want a battery that is suited to short run times and provide enough cycles to last. Larger machinery usually has added industrial power to run their onboard equipment. Today, we will have a look at a viable option for industrial power for your business.


EnerSys IronClad

EnerSys is a brand of battery marketed by the Industrial Power division of the EIE Group. The IronClad battery offers a stable and reliable platform for an industrial vehicle or machine. This battery is ideal for forklift applications, as it provides higher average voltages to supply the necessary power to lift goods. Many forklifts are solely powered by electricity, which puts all the focus on choosing the ideal battery for your warehouse lifting equipment. With the IronClad, you are headed in the right direction. With the added higher voltages, your forklift can achieve faster drive and lift speeds. As a result, your work fleet will be more efficient.

Regular lead-acid batteries are unable to hold a candle to the IronClad. EnerSys takes everything into consideration to maximise the performance of the IronClad battery for warehouse lifting equipment. An electric motor runs on the amps supplied by the battery to power drive and lift functions. Therefore, the motor needs to offset the battery’s voltage to adjust to amps being produced. Once again, the IronClad offers sustained performance with its ability to produce higher voltages for the motor to utilise. This results in more power and control for the operator and a machine that runs more smoothly than ever.

EnerSys has been in the industrial power game for more than a century and you can get their batteries from Industrial Power. The IronClad has been in production for about the same length of time, powering lifting equipment in North America. Reliability and consistency are what makes IronClad such a good choice for electric forklifts and other electric industrial machinery. This battery offers 1800 cycles, which makes it an even better choice for shorter shifts in the warehouse. Therefore, IronClad is versatile, reliable, and durable enough to take your business’s warehouse work fleet to the next level. IronClad is available from Industrial Power, along with a wide selection of other solutions to suit your requirements.

EIE Group’s Industrial Power has an all-encompassing selection of industrial machinery and solutions to choose from. Feel free to peruse our website for more information, such as images, specifications, and documentation. The industrial sector is very demanding, so ensure that your business can meet the challenges with us on your side.


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