Our Selection of JCB Equipment

When it comes to compact lifting equipment, there is a couple of different designs that can perform a variety of lifting jobs. With a selection of brands to choose from, it can be hard to find the exact model and design that you need for your business. EIE Group offers a wide selection of brands with different designs in terms of compact lifting equipment. Whether you need a conventional electrically powered warehouse material handler or a lift truck, we have it all.

JCB is a leading manufacturer of industrial lifting equipment. Their iconic yellow paint and well-known logo have become the hallmarks of trustworthy equipment for the industrial sector. With a proven track record of reliability and durability, you cannot go wrong when you choose JCB machines for your business. At EIE Group, we offer a selection of JCB’s Teletruk lift trucks as part of our warehouse material handlers. Today, we will turn our attention to this range of lift trucks.


The Versatile JCB Teletruk

As far as JCB equipment goes, the Teletruk is one of the smaller lift trucks in their line-up. Classified as a forklift, this little lift truck brings a new dynamic to warehouse material handling. Whereas regular forklifts feature a fork that is mounted directly in front of the vehicle body, the Teletruk has a side arm that does the lifting. The side arm optimises visibility right in front of the operator, which in turn maximises safety during operation. It can also be used in conjunction with a selection of attachments to broaden the scope of the Teletruk’s applications.

The JCB Teletruk has self-levelling forks to assist the operator in lifting operations. With power-lift, along with lower extend and retract controls, the operator is in full control of this piece of JCB equipment. The lifting is stable, as the platform and chassis provide the necessary counterbalance. It also offers a 4-wheel-drive option to make it stand out from the crowd in terms of handling and stability. The transmission is fully enclosed and uses a hydrostatic drive. A couple of traction-control options will keep your wheels from losing their purchase on whatever surface you are driving.

The transmission also features a torque converter to efficiently distribute the power to the wheels. Solid, pneumatic, and optimised traction tyres are available to ensure that your Teletruk can be configured the way you want it. The Teletruk features two front and one rear light to afford the operator optimal visibility in low-visibility conditions. The ergonomic design ensures an excellent level of comfort for the operator, with a few cabin options available to further customise the Teletruk to your preferences. A choice of diesel and LPG internal combustion engines power this lift truck. The hydraulic system can also be specified to meet your needs.

We offer a comprehensive selection of lifting equipment from a wide range of brands, including JCB. For more information, feel free to peruse our website for specifications and brochures of all our industrial machinery. Choose EIE Group today and let us elevate your business to new levels with our industrial machinery solutions.