Your JCB Equipment Supplier

Industrial lifting equipment has always been an important part of the industrial sector in South Africa, providing the muscle to handle warehouse materials effectively and manoeuvre within confined spaces. In fact, warehouse lifting equipment plays a vital role in any warehouse environment, often determining how efficient the warehouse can operate in terms of quick storage and stacking and, by extension, how efficient your business is.

Should you be looking for viable warehouse lifting-equipment solutions, EIE Group offers a comprehensive selection of machinery to choose from, and as a JCB equipment supplier in South Africa, we offer the renowned JCB Teletruk series. JCB is an iconic and world-famous brand in quality lifting equipment, and you are bound to find the unmistakable yellow paint and JCB logo on lifting equipment in everything from the biggest to the smallest of industrial businesses. Producing quality lifting and other industrial equipment, JCB carries brand conviction in every machine, and today we will focus on one of these machines, available from EIE Group.


The JCB Teletruk 35D

As a proud JCB equipment supplier in South Africa, EIE Group offers three distinct models in their Teletruk range, with the 35D sitting at the top of the list. This counterbalanced lift truck does not feature a front-mounted fork, which would commonly be the case with other machines in its sector, but rather a unique approach with a side-mounted arm that can switch between using various attachments to take care of whatever the job may be.

The 35D is one of the world’s most versatile counterbalanced lift trucks, capable of handling load capacities of between 2,5 and 3,5 t, and with 2WD and 4WD options to not only suit your preferences, but also deliver optimal stability while operating the machine. The 35D has two engine options as well, with a choice between diesel and LPG power, as well as the choice of either standard or high-flow hydraulics to ensure that your Teletruk performs to your expectations for the task at hand. With a compact body design and a tight 2885-mm turning radius for the 2WD model, the 35D provides excellent manoeuvrability to ensure that it is an all-round piece of lifting equipment that can handle various tasks. With a 4WD option, the JCB 35D is unlike other counterbalanced trucks, offering robust functionality and off-road capability to allow for effective outdoor use.

With unobstructed visibility from the cabin, it is easy to make the best out of your JCB 35D Teletruk, taking advantage of its versatility to not only cut down on operation times, but also have the option for indoor or outdoor applications alike, without having to buy separate forklifts. Should you be looking for a counterbalanced truck that can take care of business with unmatched versatility, whether it is indoors in an air-cooled warehouse or outdoors on loose gravel, the JCB Teletruk series can deliver the solutions for your business.

EIE Group is a proud JCB equipment supplier in South Africa, with the Teletruk range delivering highly capable counterbalanced lift trucks for the industrial sector. For more information, feel free to peruse our website for specifications, or contact us with further enquiries.