JCB Equipment for Sale in South Africa

When it comes to finding a supplier for industrial and commercial lifting equipment in South Africa, EIE Group offers a variety of solutions from a selection of brands. Lifting equipment is commonly used in warehouses to ensure that warehouse storage materials and products are safely transported, stacked, and stored within these work environments, with high levels of manoeuvrability to operate in confined spaces with ease and optimise storage-space usage. JCB is a popular and trusted brand not only in South Africa, but around the world, delivering lifting-equipment solutions for industrial and commercial use that can also come in handy in your business’s daily routines.

Our selection of lifting equipment includes a range of JCB Teletruks that can be ideal for your specific workplace, offering various benefits to fully take advantage of to optimise the operations in your warehouse environment. With bulk shopping already a big part of the commercial retail sector in South Africa, these JCB Teletruks will be the perfect fit in the commercial retailer environment where warehouse-style retailers can take advantage of their incredible capabilities and versatility to further improve the customer experience and optimise floor usage. Today, we will have a closer look at the JCB’s Teletruk range in South Africa, highlighting how these machines can play a vital role in your regular daily operations as well.

JCB Teletruks offer a unique approach to manoeuvrable and compact lifting equipment, taking a different approach in design when compared to a conventional forklift. Our range of JCB Teletruks consists of three models to choose from, available as high-lift models that can reach up to a maximum of 5,15 m lift height to grant incredible reach functionality that is ideal for even the most demanding indoor warehousing application. We start with the TLT25D and this Teletruk can lift 1275 kg at a 2-m reach, with a maximum lifting capacity of 2500 kg that grants enough power to lift a large SUV, to put it in perspective. Taking it up a notch, we find the JCB TLT30D, capable of lifting 1750 kg at a 2-m reach and featuring a maximum lifting capacity of 3000 kg for a little extra strength.

The strongest JCB Teletruk in this range brings us to the TLT35D, with a maximum lift capacity of 3500 kg, as its name suggests, and capable of lifting 2100 kg at a 2-m reach. With the JCB Teletruk’s superb reach capability (thanks to its side-mounted lift), these trucks provide excellent visibility compared to regular forklifts that have their lifting mechanism mounted directly in front of the driver and which could obstruct the view while operating the machine. With worldwide brand conviction and iconic brand recognition, choosing a JCB product in South Africa will always be a good choice, as these machines offer a unique approach to warehouse material handling that can elevate your daily operations to the next level.

EIE Group offers a variety of solutions in terms of industrial and commercial machinery, including the range of JCB Teletruks we offer for sale in South Africa. For more information, feel free to peruse our website for images and detailed specifications, or contact us directly with enquiries.