Efficient Konecranes Lift Trucks

Lift trucks are commonly used for warehouse material-handling purposes. They have slimline body designs to optimise their manoeuvrability in limited spaces. Although this compactness is necessary for indoor work, a different approach is required for outdoor container handling. Konecranes delivers a selection of lift trucks specifically designed for the busy dockyard. These trucks can dramatically improve efficiency and reduce the turnaround time of container recycling. Their bodies are wide and heavy to act as an effective counterbalance to offset their huge lifting capacity.

Konecranes also offers its TRUConnect® fleet-management system. This system takes container handling to new levels by delivering a digital information hub that can gather all manner of data. With a fleet-management system to optimise their efficiency, the machines in your fleet can perform like never before. Toyota Forklift offers an all-encompassing selection of Konecranes container-handling lift trucks for your business. Today, we will have a look at these machines and the management system that brings it all together.

Toyota Forklift - KONECRANES_4531TC5

Toyota Forklift – KONECRANES_4531TC5

Optimising Container Handling

The world is utilising information technology for a wide variety of functions. The competitive world of equipment management in materials-handling environments can now also benefit from these digital advances. Konecranes TRUConnect® is a digital fleet-management system that connects your lift trucks to an information hub that gathers data from every truck. The data is accessible on a digital platform that can even be viewed from your smartphone. Therefore, you can be informed of your fleet’s operations wherever you go. This system takes your fleet of material handlers to a place where you can easily identify all its strengths and weaknesses. It can also be used to inform the operators on the status of their trucks.

Container handling involves transporting and stacking heavy steel boxes. Therefore, safety is a very important consideration in such a work environment. Konecranes’ management system can detect and keep track of impacts on the lift trucks in your fleet. The severity of an impact is recorded to accurately report on possible damage. This system monitors tyre pressures, gearbox and engine temperatures, and part failures as well to ensure that the operator can be notified immediately, should something go wrong. Something as simple as a flat tyre can result in a very dangerous situation on the job if the operator is unaware of it.

We offer a selection of Konecranes machinery for your business. These machines are designed to lift, stack, and transport containers as efficiently as possible. They have wide bodies with mid- and rear-mounted cabins to optimise visibility and balance, dependent on the model. We offer container lift trucks, reach stackers, and forklifts to give you a dynamic selection of equipment to fill your fleet. You can be assured that your fleet will have the ideal set of tools to get the job done. With the power of TRUConnect® on your side as well, your fleet will run like clockwork.

Toyota Forklift delivers solutions for warehouse material and container-handling machinery. For more information on our selection of Konecranes lift trucks, please browse our website for specifications and brochures. Choose us as your supplier of lifting equipment and elevate your business to a new level of efficiency.